Mortal Kombat 11 Klassic Femme and New Season Skins Revealed

Our first look at Mortal Kombat 11 Klassic Femme skin pack and a sneak peak into the upcoming seasonal skin rewards.

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sourOG74d ago

All of the crap about not sexualizing the characters just to put them in as paid dlc lol. UMK3 female ninja costumes were pretty cool though, I’m not complaining.

74d ago
Silly gameAr73d ago

I'm actually glad that the females no longer look like teenage boys and actually look feminine, even if it is dlc, to be honest.

73d ago
Bigman4k73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

you sound like a twink😂

Iamnothuman1274d ago

Patiently waiting for complete version.

SickSinceSix74d ago

It used to be you'd wait a year and be able to get a fighting game with all the DLC Now some fighting games are on their third or fourth season pass

Unknown_Gamer579474d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Bruh, I legit miss the days when you just bought a fighting game and you got it in its entirety. But, you're right that even the days of getting a complete edition in a year's time seem to be a thing of the past. I wonder if anyone here remembers when there were unlockable fighters. DLC pretty much killed that off.

HarryMasonHerpderp74d ago

I'm still waiting for tekken7 😂 dlc just doesnt seem to stop. I just end up not buying the game in the end, it's a shame but I can't afford to keep buying season passes just to keep my roster up to date.

SickSinceSix74d ago

It's getting to the point complete editions will come out in the next console generations, lol

Unknown_Gamer579474d ago (Edited 74d ago )

You must be unaware of how fighting games work nowadays. You know all the money grabbing BS that devs try to pull? Fighting games lend themselves well to a lot of it. There are four main types of content in fighting games. Characters, stages, modes and costumes. All of it lends itself well to DLC and season passes. Heck, I'm surprised it took greedy studios this long to finally realize that. Let's hope they don't realize that all of the above also lends itself well to MTs.

Note, I don't actually approve of it. I'm more of a fan of retro fighting games these days as buying a modern fighting game generally means just begging to be exploited.

HarryMasonHerpderp73d ago

Yeah that's the reason I stopped buying dead or alive. Seems like tekken and MK are next on the list of games I just won't buy anymore. Better to just hook up an old console and play the old versions. Full of content, characters, costumes and modes included in the game at no additional cost. What a golden age of gaming that was.

contra15773d ago

Video games have seasons now