How to unlock the secret Snowy Tundra mission in the Avengers beta

You and your pals are loving the Marvel's Avengers beta, but you might have an errant thought that the maps are too small. Open that bad boy right up by unlocking the beta's secret and best mission, the Snowy Tundra Drop Zone. Here's how you do it.

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Sonyslave335d ago

Beta is dope it kinda make me wanna drop 60$ day one but I'm going to try to wait for price drop.

Ms Marvel is the best character in the game right now her high dps and heals I'm in love 😍

xHeavYx35d ago

Have some water my friend.

rdgneoz335d ago

I'm enjoying grabbing two mobs with hulk, then using them to beat up their friends before slamming them together for a nice conal aoe. That and the aoe 5 hit smash. Built like a tank to give and take a beating.

jukins35d ago

Lol yea I just unlocked that one myself as well as the one where you smash two baddies midair and create the Shockwave. Glad I preordered this game. I do hope they clean a few things up but then again I plan on also getting ps5 day 1

JBlaze22634d ago

I rather wait till they stop playing and add spidey to the other consoles as well

DaveZero35d ago

Yeah the game is awesome to be fair and I'm not so bothered about not being able to play spiderman.