Player retention is hard

The most important year of any game's release is its first year. After that, player retention is key, but how does it stand with the likes of World of Warcraft?

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anast308d ago

I couldn't get into WoW because of the art style, it's not my thing. I tried many times to stick around but the game looks off to me.

jznrpg308d ago

I played Everquest before it and one I don’t care for the art style but it was also like easy mode compared to EQ .

xTonyMontana307d ago

That is because that's exactly what they aimed for. They wanted to take the EQ experience and bring it to the masses, the rest they say is history.

On topic of the article, one of the reasons player retention is so hard is because games are too focused on accessibility. I lost count the amount of hours I spent perfecting my railshots in Quake 3. Games today are more focused on immediate gratification. You also then have the likes of Activision who couldn't care less it seems, first year is fine then they can sell you the same freshly reskinned game twelve months later.

sKiiTs8307d ago

i think thats what i like about it. most MMOs are too flashy or straight up ugly. wow has such a simple art style that ages well imo.

djplonker307d ago

Totally agree

Osrs constantly has more viewers on twitch than ff14 / black desert, and it looks the same way runescape did in 2007 (kinda ass)

Despite the graphics if osrs was on steam it would have pretty much stayed in the top 10 most played games this past 2 years.

sourOG308d ago

I rarely play games for more than a year. It’s not even something I’m looking for honestly. I play games that end so I can play different games.

308d ago
Abnor_Mal307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Reminds me of a children's song but change the word song to game:

This is the game that never ends
Yes it goes on and on my friends
Some people started playing it
Not knowing what it was
And they'll continue playing
Because this game is never done.
*Repeat ad nauseam*

Unknown_Gamer5794307d ago

It's still too soon for even a modified version of that infernal song. I still remember a friend in the 90s challenging me to continue singing that song for eternity. Of course I stopped as soon as I left her sight and I assume she did the same. She sure as heck wasn't singing it the next time I saw her.

In all seriousness though, props for choosing a 90s ear worm that lends itself well to the age of DLC, updates and patches.

sKiiTs8307d ago

this is why i really hate open world games in general. i find the constant barrage of extra thigns to do annoying because my OCD kicks in and i feel im missing content but also dont wanna play the same game (super repetitive) for 60+ hours

sourOG307d ago

I can do 60 to 100 if I like the game. I really enjoyed Witcher 3 for example. The multiplayer grind though, I can’t do it. Stuff like battle royale games and mmos don’t interest me at all.

GenWorld307d ago

People play the games they enjoy, on the flip side good games attract more gamers. I still play Streets of Rage 2 like it came out yesterday.

BenRC01307d ago

played wow at launch for 2yrs straight, some of my best gaming memories ever. The things that used to happen daily in that game are still unmatched today.

NapalmSanctuary307d ago

After playing FFXI, I couldn't get into WoWs combat. It just wasn't as much fun.

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