Halo Infinite x Monster Energy Campaign To Begin September 1st, Unlocks Exclusive In-Game Weapons

A new promotion between Monster Energy and Halo Infinite will reward players with exclusive weapons and also a possible Xbox Series X price.

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olafu431d ago

Be sure to save that stinky old can until whenever Halo actually launches!

LordoftheCritics430d ago

Do people actually drink monster?

olafu430d ago

Well it’s green I assumed it’s the only thing xbox fans are allowed to drink. 😂

jerethdagryphon430d ago

Pacific punch is nice so is mixed

Loktai430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

@olafu Naw dawg, Mountain Dew and Coolant are also fine. And Sobe but they stopped selling that... apparently it must be worse for you than coolant.

Sciurus_vulgaris431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

I hope they mean weapon skins and not actual weapons? Unless the exclusive weapon is a gag weapon.

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averagejoe26430d ago

Not skins. Actual weapons sadly.

RamRod88430d ago

From the Monster website: "Users who scan all 3 Snapchat codes each month will unlock an exclusive in-game weapon coating." Aka unlock weapon skins.

-Foxtrot431d ago

Sometime in 2021

"Mam...where's my monster energy can I kept for Halo, its out now"


lociefer431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

* Geoff liked that

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The story is too old to be commented.