Fortnite for Android has also been kicked off the Google Play Store

Following its removal from the Apple App Store, Fortnite has also been kicked off of the Google Play Store for Android. Earlier today, Epic Games snuck in an update for both the iPhone and Android versions of the game that allowed users to pay Epic directly for in-app purchases instead of using the officially sanctioned system for both platforms.

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RazzerRedux48d ago

lol....Epic takes on Apple and Google? I need some popcorn.

Jin_Sakai48d ago

But this is just about evil Apple. This is just about greedy companies wanting every penny possible. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Godmars29048d ago

'Whoever wins...we lose..."

Teflon0248d ago

Like epic. Imagine not wanting to share a virtual currencies profit when it costs nothing to give ppl but you want to use a platform to host. But the game is free to play.
I don't like Apple but epic is the pos in this. Just like how they didn't want to release the game on the Google Play store and told ppl download the unsafe way instead just because they didn't want to share but using Google's platform.
They give Sony and ms so it's funny they don't do it here

48d ago
CaptainObvious87848d ago


You obvious haven't seen Tim Cook's terrifying ministry of truth speech on hate speech.

These days anything right of Karl Marx is hate speech.

jjb198148d ago

This is really about Epic wanting 100% profit. I don't like Apple's practices when it comes to their app store but they're just trying to protect their platform. Epic wants that juice so they can keep giving those free games on Epic store.

princejb13447d ago

is a business. Shouldnt your job as a business owner is to make as much profit as possible. Apple has retail stores and has to pay thousands of employees while making a profit to create new products

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Fluttershy7748d ago

They are suing apple. Probably google too. Epic will lose.

ManMarmalade47d ago

-Insert Michael Jackson eating popcorn here-

Axecution47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Y'all are missing the bigger picture - cloud based streaming. Epic, if they wanna go into that market in the future on mobile (which im sure they do), will have to give 30 percent of their game store rev to apple. Trying to lower the percentage that Apple and Google take because it is truly ridiculous. I hate Epic and their ridiculous game store on PC as much as everyone else but 30% of a major company's rev is insane lol

crazyCoconuts47d ago

I think the consoles take a comparable amount. Would be interesting to see what the percentage is in retail. Go to a consignment shop and see how much they take from the sale, I bet it's more than 30%

NeoGamer23247d ago

I am not a big Epic or Apple fan, but to me a app store is about a platform showcasing the content it has for sale to increase the platform adoption and to encourage people to buy the platform.

Somehow between the advent of stores and now, they have become a tax collection agency for platforms adding absolutely zero value.

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Phoenix7648d ago

Let's not forget that Tencent own a 40% share stake in epic games. America is very anti China atm

Godmars29048d ago

Well, lets see how things are when the PS5 and Series X launch, considering where they're made...

Mr Marvel48d ago

The WORLD is very anti-China atm... and rightfully so.

88348d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Mr. Marvel must be aware of current events... India agrees with you sir.

galmi47d ago

nope just some few countries are anti china

crazyCoconuts47d ago

Money in the right places buys many friends though

Christopher48d ago

Google and Apple aren't anti-China.

This has absolutely nothing to do with China.

Not sure how this is at all relevant. The cases heard in front of a judge won't have juries of angry Americans, it's going to be a judge making the decision.

danny81848d ago ShowReplies(3)
crazyCoconuts47d ago

Depends on what part of America you're taking about lol

jjb198147d ago (Edited 47d ago )

China steals IP and hacks US technologies. China hackers are straight CACA.

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GoodGuy0948d ago

Sweet. Let these buttheads fight it out about mobile.

Sciurus_vulgaris48d ago

Why do Epic think they should only follow the rules in certain situations? Are they going to try the same stunt with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo ?

rlow148d ago

I agree, they violated the agreement on the platform by sneaking in a feature without prior authorization. To basically pay themselves more money.

Sciurus_vulgaris48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

What Epic did sounds like [or simply is] a blatant breach of policy and an associated contract.

ChristopherJack48d ago

Potentially. I don't know if it's relevant, but Xbox games seem more available through third party digital retailers so that could help their defence, especially in contrast with Nintendo.

Azurite48d ago

They wouldn't need to since it's only Apple not following the industry standard.

Christopher48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Same reason every company tries to bend rules to benefit themselves. Every company. Because they want to increase profits and they do that by denying others their fair share.

boing147d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I think they are flexing with this move. If anyone can challenge status quo, it's them. They can afford it. I bet voice of the people and other devs will be behind Epic in this case. They did something not allowed though, and now they are throwing temper tantrum because they were punished. Really curious how this evolves further.

rainslacker47d ago

I think devs and pubs are on board with trying to change what these stores do, but epic went to an extreme. I personally believe that apple and google do deserve compensation for hosting, developing, and helping to distribute this content. While they make billions, it still takes time and resources to do what they do. I think they do take an awful large percentage of the sale for what they offer though, which is why most devs would be behind epic here.

But if epic wants to circumvent these platforms completely, which still taking advantage of them, and even push for things which these companies have no intention of doing, like opening up their platform, then they need to step back and reevaluate their approach. They're taking pot shots at apple in the media, and that isnt going to look good for them if this actually goes to court.

Epic is in the wrong here in how they're doing it. They willfully and knowingly circumvented the rules of the platform. They have no case to sue over, because they knew what they were agreeing to when they put their game up there.

The proper way to handle this would be to hope for anti trust regulations to be made by going through the proper channels, which is what they're trying to force here. But, if they actually had a case, they wouldnt have had to force it, they could have just petitioned the FTC.

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