Control: AWE DLC Gets 15-Minutes of Moody Gameplay, Alan Wake Crossover Further Detailed

Nathan Birch of wccftech writes, "Last week Remedy Entertainment pulled the curtain back on Control: AWE, the game’s final big update, and surprise surprise, it turns out the DLC is actually an Alan Wake crossover! Today Remedy showed off roughly the first 15 minutes of AWE gameplay, and provided some more details about the Alan Wake crossover and connected Remedy Universe. First up, check out the AWE livestream below (jump to around the 18-minute mark for the gameplay)."

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-Foxtrot35d ago

Looks great but more Alan Wake will always be good

However like I've said before, I hope they don't reveal too much about the things going on in Alan Wake, I don't want all those things to just be explained away because of the stuff we learnt in Control about the Old House, other dimensions and beings that live there. I'd rather they say Jesse has the Hiss and their dimension and Alan has his with the darkness, two "beings" who are fighting for a place in our world, then another games can have their own dimension with a a third enemy.

I really want Alan Wake 2, it would be awesome if Alan writes something where Alice is thrown into an adventure to help free her husband while being stalked by Mr Scratch.

RaidenBlack35d ago

Alan Wake 2 will happen. Remedy has the rights.

gamer780434d ago

It will happen but there next game again is not Alan wake 2 but it’s in the same universe

Crazyglues34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

...And for the people who never played Alan Wake and know nothing about that game... This DLC is like a joke, Like the company really didn't think about what if, they are a PlayStation player and never played Alan Wake...??? And could careless about that game...

-Nice- So for those people nothing to see here, you get to replay boss missions, like what? How about new boss missions.. Why is this DLC so lame..

I was expecting to go back and play a section of the game as the brother, or something cool like that with new story, but instead here's a gun that shoots 3 bullets that explode on a timer... What? That's Super LAME...!

I see now why they are charging for the PS5 version, it's a cash grab, whole update is Stupid, more checkpoints, oh was that hard to make, Like this is the smallest amount of work you could have done and still, you decided to charge for it... LoL -Such a good game, for the studio to just go out being Lame is just so sad to see..

Very, very disappointed about this Update/DLC, but on the bright side I could now careless about the PS5 version of the game..

ssj2734d ago Show