Apple just kicked Fortnite off the App Store

The Verge: Apple has removed Epic Games’ battle royale Fortnite from the App Store after the developer on Thursday implemented its own in-app payment system that bypassed Apple’s standard 30 percent fee. The decision marks a significant escalation in the feud between Epic and one of the most popular mobile app stores in the US, and it comes at an especially fraught time for Apple as the iPhone maker navigates antitrust concerns over its operation of its mobile marketplace and the rules it imposes on certain developers.

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LG_Fox_Brazil37d ago

I see what you did there ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)

37d ago
porkChop37d ago

Apple will lose. The market is tired of Apple's greed and ridiculous restrictions. Apple needs developers more than developers need Apple. If all those apps end up being Android exclusive where does Apple think the users will go?

Shaggy230437d ago

Apple users are extremely loyal, I get the feeling some will jump ship but the vast majority will somehow say its Epics fault.

Profchaos37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I feel like the vast majority of people playing games on iPhones are more so younger kids using parents devices who will just find another game on the platform like cod mobile.

I can't see something like fortnite or Xbox game pass causing people to rush over to Android as the fanbase of apple is more so a type of user that isn't highly technical can do the basics and likes their phone experience to stay constant for the last 10 years.

iOS devices are also the most popular choice for companies giving staff mobile devices looking at many large companies MDM solution's it's always an overwhelming 90% iOS userbase which is unfortunate I've been using an android for 5 years now and I finally feel free of Apple my device achieves so much more and costs half of an iOS device

crazyCoconuts37d ago

Apps won't go to Android only because they want to be where their customers are. My kids refuse to touch an Android phone, spoiled lil' brats that they are lol. As of now, only way Apple loses is through litigation

preciousdeath37d ago

So, do you also think Sony and Microsoft are greedy for not allowing Steam, EGS, etc. on their consoles?

zackeroniii37d ago

apple and microsoft are literally in the same ballpark it's crazy... and i used to be an owner of products from both companies until i realized how limited and evil they are and therefore moved on to better brands

kneon37d ago


Android is where the customers are. Apple market share typically hovers in the 10-17% range depending on the quarter. The rest are almost all Android.

RedDevils37d ago

Yeah, what with apple making me pay for everything, the same app on play store is free, while app store you have to purchase it.

crazyCoconuts36d ago

@kneon, sorry I was thinking US market where Apple has a lead, but you're right globally, good point

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kepsehespo36d ago

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UltraNova37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

First Xcloud now Fortnite. What's Apple trying to do? Are they really asking for an anticompetative practice lawsuit?

Vegamyster37d ago

Well Epic directly violated there terms and services knowing full well this would probably happen, it'll be interesting to see what happens.

dazsarge37d ago

They were planning this since quite some time. Today they publicly tweeted their legal papers against Apple immediately after Fortnite got removed.

morganfell37d ago

It is a real choice move from a company that practices anti-consumer behavior and fears real competition so they hold games hostage on their own store. And I agree with you. It is obvious Epic had decided to sue and merely forced an opportunity to file.

UltraNova37d ago

I'm wondering if this is connected to Tencent in any way...

Atom66637d ago

Claims are already going in EU. Spotify has helped initiate it, and others have joined.

GottaBjimmyb37d ago

Yea, Apple will most likely lose, the suit against Google, despite appearing the same will absolutely fail, Google allows 3rd party APKs to be installed, so Google is not blocking use on their devices, just in their store, hard argument to win there. In Google's case they effectively say "if you want to be on our store and have the tools and marketing advantages of the store, 30%" if not market and platform your product as you see fit.

PertySlick37d ago

With their position and loyal following, Apple knows they don't need to be concerned with being developer friendly. I actually worked on iOS app development for a bit and it is a complete pain in the ass. Unfortunately Apple has the adopted the old Microsoft bully mentality of the 90s and early 2000s.

crazyCoconuts37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Apple probably looks at it as they invested in the phone and platform, and they're not a monopoly if you can get another phone with another platform. It's definitely gray. To what extent should a company be able to collect on their investment

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CrimsonIdol37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

@Stephamphetamine really? It's a pile of horse shit compared to Android. You HAVE to use a Mac to compile (where as android is agnostic) they can take weeks to approve, they push back on things for arbitrary nonsense reasons when you can clearly see the *real* reasons. For example if your app does something too similar to an app they have, for example, and could potentially be a competitive threat, the app just gets held up in limbo (our business has experienced similar and there are loads of documented cases out there like this), xcode largely sucks compared to Android Studio, and especially sucks compared to Flutter. When integrating Unity into our native app projects the iOS version was ALWAYS the one that took weeks of troubleshooting when the Android one worked straight out of box. dealing with dev keys etc can be infuriating on Apple with multiple layers of anti-piracy nonsense seemingly fighting against each other to stop you doing something actually legitimate (again a total non issue creating and running dev builds on Android). If they even so much as get a whiff that you're making money not directly through the app (and therefore not without them getting that 30% cut) then your apps fucked. Man... developer friendly they are not.

yeahokwhatever37d ago

Apple is the worst thing for developers. I once worked at a place that was shut down because after 6 months of development and being in its app store, Apple decided to stop approving our product because they were THINKING about developing a similar product(though they never did). Tanked the company. 20 people lost their jobs. Apple sucks.

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0rbital7137d ago

no one cares about apple gaming, sony microsoft pc and ninty only


Bit like UEFA with "Financial Fair Play"

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Chexs199037d ago

I will enjoy watching Apple burn - They have had this coming for a long damn time

Muigi37d ago

That’s more like wishful thinking tbh.

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contra15737d ago

This is amazing!!!!! 😎 woooo!!

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