4A Games Has Been Bought Out By Saber Interactive

The future of the studio and its projects remain perfectly intact

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BlackIceJoe47d ago

This is a big get and I'm surprised a different game studio didn't buy them.

I hope this will allow the studio to grow and be able to take more risks.

Donnie8146d ago

Absolutely! 4a games is a very talented studio that only makes killer games

badz14946d ago

With MS's recent studio buying spree, I was half expecting them to grab 4A too.

GamerRN46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

@N4G please screen your ads better. I can't handle all the redirected spam I get from your website. No other site gives me mobile redirects like yours.

Name Last Name46d ago

it’s getting worse. They’ve been trying all over the place.

monkey60246d ago

The huge ads that claim 1 third of the screen and appear again seconds after closing them are wrecking my tits! And thats if you can manage to close them without getting taken to some spam link.

N4G is going downhill FAST and its not "fanboys" or news quality. It comes down to having poor structure with abusive advertisements and runtime errors

Edgelordsupreme46d ago

Ehhh, the news quality and the fan children aren't helping.

TheRealTedCruz45d ago

It's freaking ridiculous with the ads anymore. Makes simply typing comments sometimes a pain in the a**.
Not to mention it's the only site I get that damn annoying "you're the 5 billionth Google search" BS.

ActualWhiteMan46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Amen. Site sucks without AdBlock

Skate-AK46d ago

Nice. Still hoping for a Metro Exodus PS5 patch.

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