PGA 2K21 Preview - Generation Xbox

Fans of sports games, rejoice! The approach of fall means that your favorite sports games are coming. Leading the charge in 2020 will be PGA 2K21.

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sprinterboy1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Just to give everybody a heads up, this game plays and looks the exact same as the "the golf club 2019"
I understand its the same devs but its just rebadged and I love golf games and HB studios but this is a cash grab from the publishers.
Edit: I've read 3 reviews so far on this game yet not one website has pointed out the game is the same to there readers? This article is basically a copy and paste from the the gold club 2019.
@ article, get your shit together, you have a responsibility to your readers to point things out.

TheOtherMoon1435d ago

@sprinterboy How do you know that "[the] game plays and looks the exact same as 'TGC 19'"? I have been playing TGC 19 and love it. In 2k21, there are more courses, actual clubs with various stats (just like real clubs), a more in-depth career mode and new commentary. Have you played the game extensively? I am seeing a fleshed-out golf game, not a cash grab.

sprinterboy1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

I've played hundreds of hours of golf club 1 and 2 plus 2019 and I agree there are some improvements but the swing is the same, pitch, loft etc all the same, about 2 new courses. The ball physics are the same, putting is the same, gfx the same etc etc. There is more customisation with character and clubs andv that's it.
All I'm saying is if a gamer is new to the series then save some pennies and get 2019, cause this is a bare bones upgrade just with 2k21 rinsing it rebadged.
Sorry but if you see a different game to what I have been watching with some yt streamers, it's basically 99% the same dude.

TheOtherMoon1434d ago

@Spinterboy...I am wondering how much of the article(s) you are reading, and I appreciating the individual who gave me a down vote for asking a question while lightly (and respectfully) disagreeing. The pitch, loft and spin are not the same. The article above mentioned that:
- Club angle
- Course Slope (having a great impact)
- No punch shot
- Ball strike alignment

It's not the same....not 99% the same. I would be curious to know what you are looking for in a golf game or what is missing in this updated version. We disagree and that's ok. I have my pre-order, and you get to save your money.

Valkron11435d ago

No word on next gen upgrades yet 😑


Humble Bundle packs 2K mega hits Borderlands 3, XCOM, Civilization VI, BioShock, and more

The Humble 2K Mega Hits Bundle just launched recently. It includes eighteen items including Borderlands 3, XCOM, Civilization VI, BioShock: The Collection, Mafia Definitive Edition, and more.

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Kados678d ago

First time afaik that the complete BL3 with all DLC has been available <$33 CAD. Then to throw in the complete Bioshock collection, Mafia Remastered, a bunch of XCom games, Civ 6, etc. This is by far the best deal HB has had in recent years. Reminds me of the old days, before they got greedy.

Xristo678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

Definitely a good deal. However, for those interested in BL3, it does not come with the Season 2 Pass (that's the Ultimate Edition). Not saying anyone is missing much, but just to clarify.

FinalFantasyFanatic677d ago

That's a good pack, but I already have almost half of those games and the remainder isn't compelling enough for me to fork out for it (plus none of my friends will take the extra game keys).


Become a Baller with the new PGA TOUR 2K21 Baller Edition

Neil writes: "Looking for a reason to grab the clubs and hit the first tee? 2K games are keeping you on the straight and narrow with a new deluxe edition of their rather superb golfing title. Yep, PGA TOUR 2K21 Deluxe Edition brings ensures every club you could ever want is in your bag."

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Fill your bag with 3 new DLC packs for PGA TOUR 2K21

Neil writes: "PGA TOUR 2K21 is quite possibly the best golf game currently on the market. As realistic as you can get, but with that realism interspersed with the old bit of humour and arcade feel, if you're looking to take in a round or two, it is very much your best bet. Today though PGA TOUR 2K21 brings forth a variety of new options with 3 brand new DLC packs that will have you filling out your bag like there's no tomorrow."

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IanTH1021d ago

I miss the more arcadey Tiger Woods series. I had such a great time playing those on PS2/3, being able to add spin to tweak shots after being hit, mashing the power button while swinging, building up my golfer. I play golf in real life - even work in the industry - but I don't need 1:1 realism in the golf games I play.

I played PGA 2k21 and really disliked it. Poor analog swing controls, shots that went way shorter than other shots for indiscernible reasons, no arcadey option to do after-effect shots on the ball. It's definitely a simulation game, but it also feels like it needs to be more consistent if it wants to wear that badge. I just didn't have fun with it. If this is what the best golf game of today has to offer, I'm really bummed.

Teflon021021d ago

Yeah this is why I stayed away from the pga games. Personally I prefer the fun ones I originally got into golf games with Mario golf and the GameCube one. Played a few of the tiger woods ones and loved. After they started feeling boring. Bought everybody's golf on release and never played it because I felt I probably didn't like golf games anymore. But then I did earlier this year, and actually enjoyed it. Thought about buying the PGA tour to see if it's just a refreshed mindset with em. Reading what you said makes me realize that's probably what it was. It trying to be more realistic than arcade fun