Rumor Killers: Killzone 2 release date, LittleBigPlanet idea theft, GameStop subscription service

A release date for Killzone 2, Sony stealing from the LittleBigPlanet community, and GameStop and EA creating a subscription service in the pre-Thanksgiving edition.

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italianbreadman3613d ago

I really hope the LBP portion of the story was just a coincidence, but I dunno...

Pennywise3613d ago

Even if it wasnt... the user agreement clearly states Sony owns your creations and can do what they want with it.

cain1413613d ago


I bet a whole 5 people actually read that lol...

goflyakite3613d ago

a shark is such a common animal.
i'm sure there were other animal type costumes sent in.
animal costumes are not very original, way to common imo.

DaSaintFan3613d ago

It's in every contest ruleset (not just Sony's).. they can use your submissions for their own work the moment you send it in. You're basically signing over the rights to it for nothing.

Sorry, no story there... (other than the fact that whoever made it should be happy to see it used.)

IaMs123613d ago

Yes a shark is a very common animal and it could just be a coincidence but what caught my eye was that the shark had Hawaiian flowers on it and the fan made pic was Hawaiian... looks like they just switched it to make it look like it was their idea..

Lucreto3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

This is similar to what I read about when J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter Author) was signing books in the US and fans were giving her small stories about her book. An assistant took the stories before Rowling could touch the paper.

After she asked why they were taken. The responce was that if you write something in the next book and someone wrote something similar they could sue you for theft.

GarandShooter3613d ago

LBPs shark looks like it was ripped off from a pool float more than the contest submission.

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wiizy3613d ago

not sure why this is in the wii section.. i could care less about either game.. i just care about wii games.. and it show most people dont care about those games

XXXCouture3613d ago

LOL "i just care about wii games" I NEVER EVER thought i should hear this sentence.

or wait.. are you being sarcastic?

DeZimatoR3613d ago

Wow, never thought I'd read that by someone who goes on a games forum :O

Hope you don't call yourself a gamer ;)

P.S. Who's stealing my bubbles?! :O I had 4 1 day ago, wtf?! O_o

A HiFi3613d ago

As Tim Curry pointed out, Sony have got the small print in place to protect from copyright infringement cases.