Fast & Furious Crossroads review - a car crash - Eurogamer

From Eurogamer: "Don't rush out to get that season pass, basically, and I wouldn't be reaching into my pocket to hand over any amount of money for the rest of it any time soon either. Perhaps the biggest frustration, coming to Crossroads as a Fast & Furious fan, is those glimpses of what could have been, and seeing an enjoyable enough slice of series lore being under-served so severely by the game behind it. In a saner, less cruel world Crossroads might have been put to rest when it became clear it just wasn't going to work - as it is, it's just been left to limp out in this sorry, sorry state. What a disappointment."

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jbull41d ago

The only thing this game does right is give Vin Diesel a strong jawline compared to what he has.

Limitedtimestruggle41d ago

This was obvious since the the reveal.

Brutus8341d ago

I cant believe that the devs looked at the finished product and were satisfied with it. Its like a crap game from 2003

Stanjara41d ago

We all knew it's was going to be trash from the reveal.