Halo: Ranked from worst to best

With Halo Infinite on the horizon, let's take a look at the Halo franchise over the years, and rank the games from worst to best.

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Sonic-and-Crash46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

HALO CE on original Xbox is the best by a wide margin .........anything else after it is at least mediocre in comparison to the unbelivable quality of the 1st one...with biggest dissapointment to be HALO 2

Flawlessmic46d ago

2 and 3 were awesome aswell wth are u talking about

Sonic-and-Crash46d ago (Edited 46d ago ) can compare them easily on videos my friend ...Halo CE needed 3 years to be made while Halo 2 was made in less than 1 year (after MS scrapped everything Bungie had created because didnt developed it properly for Xbox live and MS didnt want to end the story on the sequel---the whole HALO 2 demo fiasco)

The story, the visuals , the intensive gun-action gamepaly the pacing ,the AI,the attention to details in the 1st is unparalleled even for today FPS games ....Halo series success after the 1st one was carried off significantly on hype rather on true quality

Bathyj46d ago

I agree about Halo CE being the best. It's why I bought an Xbox. I didn't mind 2 but it didn't have the same impact. 3 i got bored of and never finished. ODST and Reach were good but nothing was as memorable or played so much as part 1 for me.

46d ago
BigTrain45d ago

You are my new best friend. The quality of part 1 was and still is unmatched by any of the sequels to this day. I still play through part 1 from time to time and am amazed at how I still hear new banter coming from soldiers and grunts. Random things happen in Halo 1 as a result of programming genius and there has been nothing in the sequels remotely like it. Part 2 outside of MP disappointed my greatly. Especially after the 5 page EGM magazine preview came out to promote the game and NONE of what was in the article made it into the actual game.
Halo CE is still and will always be King of that franchise for me. Single player superiority all the way.

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monkey60246d ago

I joined the Halo buzz quite late so I jumped in at 3. Loved that and enjoyed 4. Played CE and 2 later and loved them. ODST was good

Never played Reach.

Hated 5 with a passion.

Atom66646d ago

Give Reach a go if you're into H3.

monkey60246d ago

I believe its part of the Master chief collection now and I've been meaning to play that. Just keep looking getting distracted by something else

BrainSyphoned46d ago

AKA:How to count from infinity backwards.

FlavorLav0146d ago

I would rank them in the exact order they were released. The Original is what sent me over the roof for Xbox, got all my friends to get one for system link, played in some Halo Tourneys. Everything since the 1st has been enjoyable, yet slightly less exciting with each iteration in my experience. 5 being my least favorite(story-wise). Can’t wait to see what the reboot can do to revitalize the series to me, the recent demo didn’t inspire much confidence at this point, but I’ll wait to see the finished product.