Suicide Squad: Is it Single Player? or Multiplayer?

With the recent announcement for Suicide Squad, it is time to speculate what kind of game Rocksteady is making. And who we could expect to see

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RaidenBlack1415d ago

Man, WB's got some varied list of games:
Suicide Squad
Batman Gotham Knights
Monolith's obvious Project (Middle Earth Shadow of something 3 or F.E.A.R Reboot/4 ?)
Harry Potter RPG
Injustice III
Back 4 Blood

TheExecutioner1415d ago

i would like it to be single player and competitive multiplayer

-Foxtrot1415d ago

Single Player please because I do not trust WB with anything multiplayer or online elements.

MT's and pre order bonuses galore.

Abnor_Mal1415d ago

If it's not single player then it's a no buy for me.

1414d ago

New Suicide Squad Screenshots Released, Shows Task Force X and Amanda Waller

Some new Suicide Squad screenshots have been released for the DC Fandome event, showcasing Task Force X and Amanda Waller.

Lexreborn2981d ago

So far the presentation of the game has been very appealing. Now we just need to see the gameplay, really hope they got that locked down. To build all this hype and the gameplay is trash would be sad.

Huey_My_D_Long981d ago

I'm fucking loving that fact that Debra Wilson has been getting some major video game roles. Loved her when she was on madtv, favorite of mine is her Tina Turner impression.
This games looks better and better every time I see it

Z501981d ago

Her sweating as Whitney was the best.

anast981d ago

How many editions will there be and will there be MTs?

Lighter9981d ago (Edited 981d ago )

I'm holding out for a SS PS5 like the Arkham Knight PS4 that I wasn't able to get.

EmperorDalek981d ago

Yeah, it looks fine, but I'm still mad they cancelled a Superman game in favour of it. Same with the movies... We've had three bad Suicide Squad movies, and no Superman movie since Man of Steel.


Spectator Mode Podcast Episode 72 - Marvel's Avengers, Fall Guys, Suicide Squad and more

On Episode 72, we discuss Spider-Man being exclusive to the PS4 Marvel's Avengers, Fall Guys being so addicting and upgrading gaming controllers.

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Rocksteady's New Game Titled Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Reveal to Be 20 Minutes Long

Rocksteady Studio's new game is officially titled Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League! the reveal is happening next weekend and will last for 20 minutes.

LOGICWINS1411d ago

As long as it’s not a live service game and single player is the focus, I’m excited. DC has been kicking butt lately with their projects. The Harley Quinn show on HBO Max and the new Suicide Squad comic are 🔥

neutralgamer19921411d ago

agreed but with AT&T troubles they might be going GAAS route for their games

excaliburps1411d ago

GAAS done well isn't bad. I mean. it has a negative connocation but if it's done well, it's fine.

I doubt it'd be a GAAS game, but most likely will involve MP based on leaks and the fact Suicide Sqad is a team.

gamesftw2501411d ago

Was really hoping Microsoft would purchase WB Games.

Nitrowolf21411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )


"inset bugs bunny.jpeg"

mandingo1410d ago

17 downvotes for hoping MS buys WB games. This site is toxic

neutralgamer19921410d ago

I hope Sony buys them and R* games there it's not being about toxic thing is there are only handful of big 3rd party publishers and if they were to go away we would be left with absolute greed like EA and Activision

Btw Ms can buy them all they want a lot of WB IP's are licenses so all games staying exclusive would be rare

Michiel19891410d ago

not really, its not like WB games is a free studio not owned by another company or anything. There is no reason for them to sell it in the first place.

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Darkborn1411d ago

I really hope this happens. Been saying it for years that DC movies at least need to shift to villains fighting the heroes. Games going that direction would be awesome too.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1411d ago

I’d rather a justice league game. But hopefully they make some justice league characters playable via dlc or something.

No actual interest in suicide squad characters.

Imalwaysright1411d ago

I'm crossing my fingers for it to be a game and not a service like that Marvel Avengers crapola.