Ghost of Tsushima Review – Sucker Punch Delivers Their Best Game To Date - Game Insider

Ghost of Tsushima feels like the perfect blend of storytelling, combat, and exploration. Aside from a few animation shortcomings, the game greatly raises the expectations bar for Sucker Punch. Ultimately, Ghost of Tsushima has positioned itself as the quintessential open-world samurai experience.

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morganfell45d ago

Simple, to the point...and wholly accurate.

CaptainHenry91645d ago

One of the best games I've played this generation 👏

ClayRules201244d ago

Indeed, one of my favorites. Definitely in my top 10, possibly top 5. Gosh, now I’m mentally thinking over my top 5 lol.

It truly is SP’s best game “in my opinion” and oozes quality and beauty and great execution!

FlavorLav0145d ago

This is up there with PS4’s best for sure. Absolutely and unexpectedly floored by this one! Bravo SP. Sony knows how to end a generation, that’s for sure🤔

DFresh45d ago

I hope there’s a sequel.
Maybe Sucker Punch might make this into a trilogy at least.

SullysCigar45d ago

It seems the more time people spend with this game, the more they love it. And for a game that Maia great first impression, that's really saying something!

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