Rocksteady Moving on From the Batman Arkham Series Is the Right Call

Rocksteady is poised to leave the Batman Arkham series behind it, and while that may disappoint some fans, it's the best move for all involved.

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NealGamby961d ago (Edited 961d ago )

If their heart isn't in it to make another Batman game, I'll support them. It can get monotonous spending years working on the same IP over and over. However, and I may be in the minority here, but I do feel that the Suicide Squad is the wrong IP to move to. There's so many better options out there. This may be one of those situations where they started working on it years ago when it was cool and now after the movies have come out and mostly sucked, it's too late for them to change directions. Just have to go with it.

toxic-inferno960d ago

I think Suicide Squad has potential though. I mean, the movie wasn't great, but the team has recently done well in other media forms. Unlike a lot of comicbook team-ups, the Suicide Squad has a regularly-changing membership and provides the freedom to kill off key characters, making it one of the more flexible IPs available. This may allow Rocksteady to tell the story they want to tell more than other existing IPs.

bouzebbal960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

Arkham Knight is the best batman yet for me.. The Batmobile gameplay was great.. I bought the game a little later, due to people complaining there are too much Batmobile missions and the game is focusing on that only.. Well they were full of shit.. It adds another dimension to the game.. I have platinum trophy in it

TheExecutioner960d ago

Suicide Squad as a game seems refreshing title. I felt so happy with seeing the tease

and I don't know why.

TheHan959d ago

I’d agree with what you say, but it’s Rocksteady if any developer can make a good superhero/villain game. Then Rocksteady is the team to do it, even if the movie may have been a flop.

Xb1ps4960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

I hate the mentality of moving on to another game just for the sake of moving on.. if they can keep the game fresh and fun keep them coming.. the dev team never disappointed me with the Batman series so why wouldn’t I want to play another Batman game, especially if it can be released close to the launch of next gen consoles..

Bebedora959d ago

Mario and many other long lasting series still works, so why not? The (in)famous COD series as well.
As long the devs are good and find inspiration doing them.

dadavis1992732d ago (Edited 732d ago )

Well it isn’t just about your personal enjoyment of a game series. If the devs are tired of working on one series, one main protagonist for the past 10 years, then that’s all the reason they need to move on. If the devs aren’t inspired, then they aren’t going to make a good game.

jdoe960d ago

why towards suicide squad tho as if there weren't any less shit characters

Espangerish960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

I remember people criticising Guerilla for moving on from Killzone. Then we got Horizon.

Sometimes, if things are getting stale it’s best all around to try something new.

Pancit_Canton960d ago

C'mon give me a Superman game. It's way overdue.

DragonWarrior19960d ago

If it counts we're gonna beat the crap out of Supes in Suicide Squad before the inevitable plot twist where they team up with him to stop whatever actual villain. Superman though is too overpowered.

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The story is too old to be commented.