Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR series comes to PSVR

Just announced during State of Play, all three episodes will be available on August 25th, 2020.

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SullysCigar44d ago

So close!! As much as I'm pumped for this, Hitman in VR, OMFG thank you!

Toiletsteak44d ago

I absolutely loved this. One of the coolest VR experiences for a few reasons but I won't say because of spoilers. If you have PSVR you better get this!

Einhander197144d ago

Yes I'll be getting this one.

darthv7244d ago

I should be getting a psvr this weekend. A buddy is selling me his with a couple of games and this announcement couldnt have been better timed.

jukins44d ago

Talk about closing put a generation with a bang. Lou2 ghosts walking dead iron man pistol whip hit man vr and this?!

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