Game Pass And xCloud Are The Right Combo

When you stack up their relevant offerings, it’s safe to conclude that Xbox Game Pass and the upcoming Project xCloud integration is light years ahead of Google Stadia’s equivalent pitch. The business models couldn’t be more opposed; Stadia’s single purchases with an optional sub, versus Game Pass’ subscription and bundle exclusive streaming feature, are totally different takes that echo the divergent paths of the upcoming next gen console launches.

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crazyCoconuts45d ago

Different path than Stadia but the same path as what PSNow has been taking for years. Except MS is actually following through with the mobile device plan while Sony gave up on it.

ApocalypseShadow45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Or, Sony learned from experience that it wasn't the right time for it compared to being at home or stay in place during a pandemic. Adding it to TVs and Blu-ray players when casual tv buyers don't really play games. With gamers on one hand, perfectly fine in buying physical games while moving about normally. Compared to the higher risk of congregating while shopping and catching a virus.

Remote Play is cool and completely free without being in a service. But the majority of PlayStation gamers don't want to play GOW, TLofU, Spider-Man, Ghost, etc on a phone. Even with controller support.

And second, it will come down to mobile gamers accepting to pay for a subscription from Microsoft. When most of their games are already free(Fortnite) or with ads. Are mobile gamers who are used to free or cheap with ads willing to pay $15 a month? That's the real question. That's the uphill battle Microsoft will see. While AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Apple, etc offer their game services right next to it.

JTGA45d ago

I reckon it will come down to the quality of experiences. Once mobile gamers get a taste of the kind of console quality indie and AAA games they'd have access to, the value for money proposition skyrockets. And with an ongoing Game Pass sub, parents would potentially be more likely to buy an Xbox for their kids, or themselves, if they've already had a go.

ApocalypseShadow44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

That what you think. Once they get a taste of what? Paying for a service? A delay in reaction time? The internet stream degrading the experience with others on the same internet?

Parents are happy that mobile games are free or cheap with ads. It saves them money. Including during a pandemic.

Hmmm... pay bills, buy food, buy gas, buy sanitizer. Or, pay Microsoft $15 dollars a month for a limited selection of games compared to *hundreds of thousands* that are free. Let me do the math. Hmmm..

And, game pass won't look that much better on a phone compared to the top 3d mobile games. You still didn't consider that these phone companies like Apple, offer game services or will too.

It's not a simple slam dunk. Xbox gamers thinking game pass is amazing. Everyone wants to pay a subscription to it monthly./S

crazyCoconuts44d ago

I think you're right. Definitely not a slam dunk. Sony could have pulled the plug for any of those reasons. Will be interesting to see if MS fares any better.

ApocalypseShadow44d ago

Truthfully crazy, I have no idea. Especially after this pandemic. Digital might become even bigger than before. Same with streaming. Same with people accepting robots(I've always liked robots like people) because they won't be passing around viruses like humans and pets. Things could go either way.

What Microsoft has to do, with which Sony learned with Vita, is that mobile and casual gamers aren't the same as core gamers and console. I like some mobile games. But they are like games you play in line at the bank for 10 minutes.(can't even do that now) or waiting for an appointment. But as a core gamer, I have no desire to play big games on small devices. If I'm at home, I'm going to play on the TV unless it's VR. My eyes strain just from playing SOR2 with a Genesis emulator. I got old eyes.

Microsoft would be asking casual, mobile gamers to spend $15 on a service where that money can be spent on micro transactions like guns and clothing and skins everyone talks about( I hate that junk) in their favorite free game. I just don't think they're that interested as everyone thinks. But I'm thinking as a core gamer.

And with free games like Call of Duty mobile, Modern Combat 5, Asphalt, etc looking good for cell phone games against Halo infinite streaming on mobile, it's an uphill battle. In my opinion. Or it may end up selling gang busters.

JTGA43d ago

I do think you're right when you say it's pretty tough to make a call. COVID has thrown sales predictions way off kilter.

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rainslacker44d ago

One would assume if Sony took it off those platforms, it's because the cost to support it on those platforms outweighed what they were gaining from it.

Times may be different now, although i doubt they've changed that much. MS may fare better in those places because they do seem to have a much more aggressive marketing campaign for their service, but time will tell. It's easy to say how forward thinking MS is on this front now, as they are optimistic to make it a thing on those platforms, but when they haven't even released the service yet, it's hard to say if they'll see success there where Sony didn't.

ApocalypseShadow44d ago

What's funny Rain is that gamers have forgotten the Xbox 720 roadmap. Microsoft had to delay implementation because of Sony dominating and a poor launch. But it's the same map just modified..
Game Pass and Xcloud ideas are right on the list. Anywhere, anytime, any device? Don't have to upgrade your hardware like they talk about? Yup. Right on there. Interesting how the leak was dead on.

It's the last thing left for them to try. Kinect failed and was discontinued. Their TV ambitions failed and was discontinued. Hololens is too expensive for consumers to buy and didn't overshadow VR. Even though they tried. That's Fortaleza on the map. Only thing left is the streaming which might end up being successful. And that's Game Pass and Xcloud.

We'll see though soon enough if they can make the last one succeed.

Futureshark43d ago

1. Get gamepass for 1$.
2. Sideload Xcloud to Android TV
3. Stream Halo Infinite at max Rez (4K if to beat Stadia specs) on my superfast broadband.
4. Use old Dualshock 4 to dabble in Halo Infinite for a bit.
5. No need to buy Xbox Series X, thanks for the options MS, here's that 1 dollar I promised you!

rainslacker42d ago

Seems like a lot to go through just to play halo infinite.

I think the average person wouldn't do a lot of side loading either.

aconnellan42d ago

I’m not sure why you’re acting like this is a ‘gotcha’ to MS - they’re literally making it so you can do that. This isn’t some shady workaround that you’re exploiting, that’s very explicitly what they want - and encourage - you to do

Ratchet7539d ago

I'm playing Halo Masterchief collection on my smartphone right now. Who would say no to that?

The_Hooligan43d ago

Have they announced when the xCloud is coming to the PC and what the price point would be? Since PC players don't have to pay for online gaming, I wonder if GP + xCloud will cost the same on PC as the GP Ultimate since that includes Xbox live. I am interested in playing some Xbox first party games that are already on the GP and some that got announced recently, but only way I can is by streaming since I don't have an Xbox nor a gaming PC to download and run the game.