Could Microsoft's involvement in TikTok help Xbox?

When the first rumors of Microsoft's involvement in TikTok first came about, people were quick to compare the acquisition to Mixer, Microsoft's ill-fated streaming platform. Is it a fair comparison? Let's explore.

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BillyG0AT45d ago

I think TikTok would be a MASSIVE resource for MS' Ai to be let loose on to improve it.

Binarycode45d ago

TikTok is soon to be banned in the US. the end.

Sayai jin45d ago

Nope. They won't be able to ban TikTok and even if the current administration does, people will just use VPN.

THC CELL45d ago

People are not going to pay to use ticktok no way

rainslacker45d ago

They wont use VPN. Theyll just find one of the many other programs that essentially can do the same thing.

Also, it wont be banned. There is no reason it needs to be.

45d ago
Sayai jin43d ago

@Rashford, yes. I know. There is free VPN for PC as well.

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THC CELL45d ago

I would delete it on any platform I f ING hate the whole platform and the ads kill me now (Shem dressing up as his mum and people talking to them selfs nutters)

Kavorklestein45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Tik Tok is so lame. Like somebody said:
"I want no real control over what content comes my way and I want to scroll down infinitely until my ape brain no longer feels needy for quick blips of people's random shit." In addition to, "I wanna see 12,000 versions of 'Do you really wanna fight me?' and 'If you're happy and you know it- Shaky, Tweaky, and Lanky/Lerpy Justin Thompson's Post-Shower Dick slap version- that has since been removed yet still everyone has the Audio track for.." and the Stupid screaming "Ge-e-t O-O-oFFF Or whatever the fuck it says" water bottle gag to splash water randomly on my kids, my baby, my dogs, cats, BFF and Grandma, and now 14 million other doofuses want to make the exact same video, just with interchangeable faces, and amounts of water/water containing vessels. Don't forget all the 12-16 year old slut bag attention whores doing everything they can to get 5 seconds of fame with hair and makeup videos that are nothing but "Look at me! Now tell me I'm hawt in my DM's" fodder for all manner of sweaty pubescent and post pubescent slime to undulate and fester their musky wafts of pheromones towards.

Guhhh.... no hope for human kind.
Like if Microsoft wants to buy the stupidest media platform yet, then let them waste their money for something that is only gonna keep trending for about as long as Coronavirus continues to exist.
Oh... I forgot.
The Galaxy Store on my Samsung phone has Automatically installed it on my device every other week since February. Even tho I keep deleting it.

TylerID45d ago

TikTok the most annoying app in the world. Get rid of that stupidity please.

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