Why Bluepoint Games is Good for the Demon's Souls Remake

Demon's Souls is being remade from the ground up for PS5 by Bluepoint Games, the studio behind Shadow of the Colossus and the best team for the job.

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FlavorLav0146d ago

I’d love to see BluePoint flying under the Sony Studios banner. BluePoint has proven to be an elite team with an eye for remakes that honor and creatively push art direction and performances past the original source materials’. They do amazing things to any IP they touch, Sony has the back catalogue worth having a team like this as part of the official studio line-up. Acquiring them up would be a big win for the brand IMO

jznrpg46d ago

There are a ton of games they can work on from PS1-3

zacfoldor46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

They aren't just good, they are great. I have absolute faith in them. This game is going to be amazing.

Teflon0246d ago

Give Blue Point any game to remake and I would buy without seeing even a screenshot. They've proven themselves

neutralgamer199246d ago

Rumor has it they want to do jak and Dexter trilogy remake and combine all of it into one game

Miraak82 46d ago

It would be cool to let them have full control of a demons souls sequel if the remake succeeds

FlavorLav0146d ago

I heard they were simultaneously remastering Bloodborne for PS5 while readying Demon Souls. Would love to see them pick up the reigns of either of these IP considering Sony owns them both for a sequel down the line.

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The story is too old to be commented.