I really want E3 back

There are clear benefits to spreading out announcements during the summer, but there's more to it than just better numbers.

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RazzerRedux58d ago

I'm sure most media members who are paid to attend E3 would agree. I don't think it really makes much difference to your average gamer watching from home though.

ColdSin58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I disagree. I do actually feel that there is a difference. Condensed news cycles are more entertaining to me. These stretched out news cycles are just not entertaining at all.

dumahim58d ago

Totally agree. If we had a normal E3 this year, I'd be absorbing a lot of news and stuff over a few days and taking time off from work for it. I think we'd also have more stuff shown/announced about XSX and PS5 if they knew E3 was the big moment of the year for that sort of thing. Now we have to sit back and wait for this back and forth and see who flinches first.

RazzerRedux58d ago

This being a launch console year is more of the reason for the "stretched out news cycles" than the lack of E3. Xbox Series X was unveiled in December long before E3 was cancelled. Either way, these news cycles could easily be more condensed with or without E3. Personally, I don't feel any more or less entertained by the format provided so far.

Sonic-and-Crash58d ago

if the major companies (Sony /MS/Ninty) give us 2 or 3 online gaming events through summer instead of 1 live on E3 ...i prefer the online ones tbh .....more games are announced with plenty of time to show gameplay and keeps you interested through the whole summer , while one event just creates big ammounts of hype which at the end becomes disapointment most of the times

rainslacker57d ago

There is a lack of that electricity in the air that we have right before and during e3. That's usually community generated because they're ready for news after what is typically a drought of news. Now the news just kind of shows up, and individually announced shows seem more swamped in console war bickering instead of shared excitement to go along with that bickering.

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moriarty188958d ago

It should come back. Its good to have dedicated game shows and the industry should have them.

anast58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

E3 wouldn't have made Halo I. look less s'ty. The people running E3 sucked most of the culture of gaming and turned it into a celebrity event with snake-oil salesmen peddling subscriptions and CGI trailers, while the vulture media make a dime off of patronizing gamers.

Sitdown58d ago

That's some pro grade insecurity right there. Let's just overlook that E3 allowed you to counter everything you just said by having hands on time with some of the products. So while you felt the need to bring up Halo, just maybe experiences the gameplay made the visuals a little more forgiving. There is a reason by Best Buy changed their refund policy.

anast58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Halo was in the article. That's why I brought it up. If they can't bring a 9+ year franchise into the next gen, over the internet, the way most people will be playing it, then the better "select" hands on experience would have been just a controlled demo used to push a subpar game.

As for issues of insecurity, I am not qualified to provide medical advice. There are some good counselors out there that might be able to steer you in the right direction, though. I can only, in this instance, provide my opinion about the direction E3 has taken over the years and come to the conclusion that not having E3 is probably for the best.

lodossrage58d ago

Of course most of the gaming journalist would say that. They need that ad revenue and free swag.

Look around the net when E3 was canceled. Most people had no issue with E3 being gone

Father__Merrin58d ago

me too i miss the 3 conferences really exciting times but i read the e3 proprietors were way too expensive

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