Are Remastered Games Worth It? Remasters vs Sequels

Are remastered games worth buying, or are they just lazy retreads? FinalBoss put remakes under the spolitlight.

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ApocalypseShadow1035d ago


I like both. Remasters and sequels. There's no competition of one versus the other. If a previous version is made better through a remake or remaster, what does it matter. You buy it or don't.

The question we should ask ourselves is why this article has prices and links to all the games as if the writer and the site benefit from the links and the purchases. As if profit was the main reason the article was created for.


RazzerRedux1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Affiliate links. The site gets commission from Amazon if someone clicks on the link and buys. Not really new or controversial, but the site should flatly state that they will receive a commission if a product is purchased using their links. More than likely, the links you see are generated from WordPress widgets that create links based on the games tagged so not just this article, but every article on the site that have games or products tagged.

ApocalypseShadow1035d ago

Understood. Looking further at other articles on the site, it's built on links.

Says at the bottom of one, "if you enjoy final boss, and are interested in the products, then help them by clicking on the affiliate links blah blah blah."

Probably how they survive. But seems dual edged. Don't know if I like or trust that. Credit though for them stating it.

Gamerking821033d ago

Remasters maybe , depends if you love the game and don’t have the console again to play it on aka x1 , ps3 and silent hill hd. But my god the ps2 and Xbox version looks better than the HD version . But then remaster aka Resi 2 , hell yes is your a fan of the old games . I personally rate RE3 remake in my top 5 games of 2020. It’s short yes . But it’s a great game .

46player1033d ago

I enjoy replaying a game I loved in the past with modern graphics and functional improvements.

toxic-inferno1033d ago

If remakes pave the way for new sequels based on those remasters (and therefore in the vein of the original games) for franchises that have gone through multiple stages and deviated from the original games, then I'm all for remasters. This is the case with Crash Bandicoot, and hopefully the case with Spyro - a true sequel would be really exciting.

jznrpg1033d ago

Some are and some aren’t .

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