While Dead or Alive Is Taking a Break, Fan Support Encourages Developers to Do More

Koei Tecmo was present at the  Fighting Game Publishers’ Roundtable and talked about the current situation of the Dead or Alive franchise.

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914d ago
AriesBear914d ago

Dude itagaki is there!! Damn. He never should have left Tecmo Koei

ApocalypseShadow914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

They needed to take a break from that nonsense of micro transaction milking. But not making the game even better. Stopped buying the game years ago because of it. And they talk about the free, core version. It's trash. I uninstalled that a long, long time ago. And only played it for a day. Lol. 3 million downloads. Nonsense.

Where's Virtual Fighter?

Abriael914d ago

In the portfolio of another publisher. 🤔

ApocalypseShadow914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

I've played VF. I know who makes it. And I know where Yu is.

rainslacker914d ago

Last game was pretty disappointing. Story mode was so barren and mostly pointless. Regular progression was non existent. I didbt mind the MT milking of the last game because the content was there, and it was a good game, but this last one seemed so geared towards online I just stopped playing it for lack of things to do.

isarai914d ago

Stop treating the series like a lazy excuse for a microtransaction platform. Seriously never played a fighting game so damn half assed as DOA6

ApocalypseShadow914d ago

Yeah. I used to love this series. The fighting system and 3D arenas had so much potential to outdo the others. Even with Itagaki thinking he was a rockstar.

Now it's just a joke with soft hentai themes.

gamer7804914d ago

they needed a much better way to unlock outfits. it was insane the work you had to do, that just encouraged some to buy them instead.

isarai913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Worse was that they were boring outfits and were often just a bunch of color swaps. Like when Zack, the comedic relief character, only has business suits, ya dun fugged up

Magog914d ago

They need to make the characters look more real and less anime

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