Dead or Alive 6 Devs Thank Players for Support After Last DLC; Look Forward to Fighting Another Day

Following the release of the last DLC packages for Dead Or Alive 6, the developers at Team Ninja sent a message to the fans.

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xTonyMontana1070d ago

More DLC that isn't even included in their season pass and they have the balls to thank players? Shameless.

Kaedro1070d ago

Fixed title: DOA Devs thank players for all the juicy money they gave them for ridiculous in-game purchases.

CatCouch1070d ago

I hope there is a plan to rework this series' monetization issues.
I love DOA, but they did a lot of damage with this entry. Pulling the plug on it right after releasing a new character is not a good look, imo.

SegaGamer1070d ago

They won't change s*** if the idiots are going to keep buying it.

The Dead or Alive series used to be a series I would have been happy to recommend to people, but now it's just one big joke.

Rachel_Alucard1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

They did this themselves. 6 had no big improvements over 5 aside from minor gameplay differences, they took out way too much then expected their loyal whales to keep attached regardless. Then they added obnoxious systems that everyone hated twice with the costume system, then again with the greedy hair color changing system they decided to monetize. Doing all this while not only reselling the same characters as DLC and charging nearly $100 every 3 months, whales just left it. Not to mention, their constant flip flopping marketing pre release alienating their fanbase and potential buyers away. They need to move a few of their teams off DOA because it's clear they have no idea who they're trying to sell to. They tried pulling Venus Vacation tactics on the fighting game players when the whales were on Venus Vacation. Besides, this is a company who is too scared to release any of the tame volleyball games over here as if it will hurt their company. Does Tecmo koei not have any western branches or something? Because they seem to be in their own world.

isarai1070d ago

[email protected]#k off Team Ninja, you destroyed the only surviving fighting series i liked.

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The story is too old to be commented.