WorthPlaying: Space Siege Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Space: the final frontier for man, but one of the first frontiers for video gaming. We've been there and done pretty much everything since, from guiding vector-rendered triangles around minefields of asteroids, desperately evading the projectiles of steadily approaching invaders from space, and even flying rockets around the stars and destroying whatever we saw fit to. We've built space stations, destroyed space stations, and gone on many a trek, fought many a war, and even wrestled for control of the stars themselves. It comes as some surprise that after all these decades of commanding wings, destroying nasty aliens, and questing hither and yon that we're still fighting off huge storms of aliens. It's like some kind of alien syndrome ? almost enough to make a guy into a xenophobe. Now that I'm done with all sorts of gamer geek references, it's time to introduce the latest disaster in the making: Space Siege."

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