What’s Really Happening With Star Citizen?

There has been a lot of discussion about current events within Star Citizen, but the issue didn't start recently and isn't going to be resolved any time soon.

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TheScotsman53d ago

That's easy, the greedy developers are on to such a cash cow, how could they ever not keep looking for money to help develope it and why would they ever stop when people are so easily parted from their morney. I'm waiting for the law suits to start, Buggy , jerky, expensive and millions of pounds, what a joke of a product

Exvalos53d ago

I'll really laugh if the game ever comes to next gen consoles. But yeah what a joke and a scam these dudes need to be jail for fraud

RaidenBlack53d ago

Its getting Series X optimization.

porkChop53d ago

Bruh the game isn't getting optimization of any kind

RaidenBlack52d ago

Its a joke, mate.
"What’s Really Happening With Star Citizen?"

DarXyde52d ago

I'm genuinely sad that it was such a well-timed joke that everyone is taking so seriously.

For what it's worth, RaidenBlack, I thought it was funny.

Razmiran53d ago

The money went up the devs noses

badz14953d ago


In white powder form?

badz14953d ago

From experience eh? Hehehe

Father__Merrin53d ago

all them years and people defending it i would never give so much money and not have any return only a work in progress theve made millions from gullable people

xTonyMontana53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Honestly the game looks amazing but when a lot of the ships cost as much as a brand new console, means I have no intention of investing in it. This game will never see a full release, heck I'd be surprised if it even goes into beta.

nommers53d ago

Forget a console, you're getting into cheap car territory.

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The story is too old to be commented.