Metal Gear Solid 2: Everytime It Accurately Depicted The Future

It's hard to imagine Hideo Kojima not being able to read the future at this point, especially after everything Metal Gear Solid 2 predicted.

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Sonic-and-Crash448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

ok it is overstatment to say it predicted future elements or events ....Kojima is just an overeducated and very well informed guy in history , politics , military technology and sciences so it was easy for him to include all these thing in his game.....all the above events or tech mentioned had happened before and were existant at the time of MGS2 development , they were just not known to most of the people who doesnt concern so much about politics and military conflicts around globe.....

.for example when i played first time MGS4 i thought it was hyperbole private armies to be the only combatants in a war field and have such advanced equipment, though i f you read history and see what happens now in some middle eastern countries you see that mercenaries were always the core of every army in the past and now

Eamon446d ago

Well, MGS4 is about a world where private armies are no longer relevant due to the political convenience of using private military companies. Governments do not want to drag their national armies into endless wars. A side effect of this PMC world is the overflow of weaponry into the hands of combatants fighting against government interests. In order to fix this, weapons were created with ID tag validation - a soldier's nanomachines as biometric identification. If you aren't authorised to use that M16, it won't work when you pull the trigger. Most sophisticated weaponry already have this today but sometime in the future normal weaponry will definitely have this.