Revisiting Max Payne 3

Dane Townsend of GameGrin looks back at Max Payne 3, writing: "Max Payne 3, like many pieces of art on the latter end of a trilogy, is a divisive game. Whilst well received by critics and third person shooter players as a whole, many long time fans of the series were unhappy with the new direction that Rockstar took the titular character. Some felt the story was off-kilter and overly depressive when compared to the original Max Payne and its slightly tongue in cheek but still incredibly competent storyline. Others were displeased with the added cover based mechanics and more sluggish gameplay."

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isarai419d ago

I really am shocked we never got a remaster of this game

RaidenBlack419d ago

Exactly! Why this game didn't get a Remaster treatment is beyond me.
Visually it's stunning. The gun-play was FPS-like smooth. The attention to detail was staggering.
Instead we're getting GTA 5 for PS5? lol, wut? Again?

Sciurus_vulgaris419d ago

I still think Max Payne 3 is the most violent game I have ever played. A remastered Max Payne 3 with RDR 2 gore & blood tech would be stunning.

mkis007418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

TLoU2 has them beat. But Max payne 3 bullet hit effects were really addicting. And the gore is satisfying in RDR2, just TLoU2 takes it to another level with blood spatter and audio.

KyRo418d ago

I'm really surprised you've been downvoted. It's not discredit to Max Payne 3. The gore was done well for the time and still looks great but the facial animations on NPCs dying, the blood spurts, the staining of clothes as you slit their throat, the gasping for air as you shoot someone's lungs, the flesh being ripped away as you die by a dog or clicker in The Last of Us 2 are a cut above because of the detail in death.

mkis007418d ago

Id put up any evidence as proof that Tlou 2 is the most realistic violent game ever.

-Foxtrot419d ago

Good solid game

Shit Max Payne game

Just didn't feel like it at all, it's like Rockstar were doing a new IP set in Brazil, got told they had the rights to Max Payne and just reworked it around that. I mean they even went off the Max Payne 2 ending where Mona died.

The flashback levels were the best part of the game.

lociefer419d ago

Exactly how i felt about it, it really had nothing to do with max payne. Looked like a gta dlc

mkis007414d ago

I just saw damn right! It was max payne in name, and the fact it had bullet time, only. I missed the graphic novel cutscenes the most.

-Foxtrot414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

Oh god yeah how could I forget the graphic novel cutscenes

It’s everything that made Max Payne special was gone in this

TheRealTedCruz419d ago

One of the best 3rd person shooters, even if it didn't really feel like it caught the tone of the original games.

DrDeath418d ago

It was really good. Sometimes tough. I enjoyed jt

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