"More Are Playing CrossCode On Games Pass Than On the PS4 & Switch Combined": CrossCode Developer

Joining us this week is Felix Klein, Co-Founder of Radical Fish Games, and Programmer, Artist, & Game Designer of CrossCode – a retro-inspired 2D action-RPG that just recently made its way to consoles.

We discuss what it was like creating one of the most popular action-RPGs in recent memory, the challenges of porting a Javascript/HTML5-based title to the Nintendo Switch, and how Game Pass has benefited CrossCode’s console release.

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Daniel2183271d ago

Game pass awesome . Signed up till 2022

Scissorman82271d ago

Without a doubt the best deal on the gaming market.

potatoseal271d ago

It's because Nintendo and Sony fans have actual 'exclusives' to play and the game is free on gamepass.

TheRealTedCruz271d ago

I feel that Humble Monthly matches it but, if you're a PC gamer, it's freaking insane in how much value you get from the two services.

TheProblem271d ago

Crosscode what?

You know ps players have had some huge game of the generation contenders taking their time up recently

RosweeSon270d ago

Recently? All gen 😅😜✌🏻

Teflon02271d ago

Don't get me wrong, I like Crosscode, but 2 things. Better chance being a pc and ps4 or switch owner than pc and xbox. I've owned on steam for a good while. Why'd I replay on xbox. Next, having more players can mean good and bad, 1 can mean that Nintendo and PlayStation have players actually playing a bigger variety. Also Ghost and Last of Us came out lol. Chances are it's not suppose to be doing well on PS atm. The real question is how well does it perform after gamepass replaces it

mania568271d ago

thats because its free to play for anyone already on gamepass, same reason mobile games get to the millions of players regardless of quality, the question is, between the 3 who gave you the more revenue, that is more important than numbers.

Vits271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

That is only part of it. Because accordingly to the podcast those numbers are only for the Xbox One Game Pass. While PC players have access to the same service and game (by less money, mind you) they are not playing it as much:

"You get a sum ahead of time which is guaranteed... not a lot of people playing the game on Xbox Game Pass on PC... but definitely a lot of people playing on Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One... Right at this moment, there are more people playing on Xbox Game Pass than Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 combined."

And another developer, No More Robots, also mentioned how Game Pass helped them triple their sales number on the platform: https://www.gamesindustry.b...

So while is true that sales revenue is a important metric. Game Pass end up being a good deal for developers because it combines a flat up front sum with the possibility of increasing their overall sales.

Teflon02271d ago

Did you know CrossCode has been on steam since September 2018. It was near impossible to actually perform well on the pass as it's not expensive so most ppl who want to play already own. Also believe it was given out with Humble bundle not too long ago. Maybe wrong but I think

Vits270d ago


By that same token the game was released to much success on the Switch. Being on the list of the top sellers and even now it is still front center in their Indie recommendations. So the fact that Game Pass is managing to pull the XOne numbers over the combine amount of players on both the Switch and PS4 is still impressive. As they all released at the same time.

Nitrowolf2271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Gamepass is great for consumers, but unless its a really niche game I can't see it being very beneficial to major devs.

Yeah theres more exposures and people may be likely to buy, but think about how many sales they're actually taking away if it wasn't on gamepass. I never buy games that go on gamepass, A lot im interested and would have normally just bought.

Kind of silly for a dev to gloat about these kind of numbers. I mean, thats to be expected when people get to play the games for basically nothing versus paid users. Why don't they say actual sales and say something like "Gamepass has helped us sell more copies over x platforms"? Because in reality that prob isn't the case.

Petebloodyonion270d ago

But you are also forgetting that all the others games ( including AAA) on the service are also free. So as a user I could decide to spend my time on RDR2 instead of crosscode.
Like previous poster mentioned some devs mentioned that they tripled their sales Tks to Gamepass and have renewed a deal to let the game stayed on Gamepass.

Hakuoro271d ago

Ok, but where did the company make more money on PS4 and Switch or gamepass?

That's the question that really matters, player counts don't pay the bills.

aconnellan271d ago

And sales don’t make a different to the players, nor are they reflective of an actual playerbase.

Or would you rather load up an empty player lobby and say to yourself “at least they made a bunch of money!”

mkis007271d ago

Sales lets more games be made.

lonewolf10270d ago


True but some games sales have soared after appearing om GP, so not only do they get cash for putting it on GP, they sometimes get increased sales from it too, more games can be made.

neutralgamer1992271d ago

I don't personally think game Palace is a bad service I actually think it's a really great service for what Microsoft is trying to do. My only issue is when Xbox fanboys say or demand that Sony and Nintendo put games on services like PlayStation now or similar services

When Nintendo can sell 15 million copies of Zelda they don't need to put it on any service. What could happen maybe is that Sony will start putting their first party games on PSN now 6 months after release. You have to understand the strategy between ms and Sony is very different one is going for subscriptions the other going with a traditional model

Ghost just became the fastest selling new IP in PlayStation and the last of us part 2 has generated so much revenue

We will see which approach gamers like more as we move forward

Skate-AK271d ago

Game Palace sounds awesome.

Petebloodyonion270d ago

I totally agree with you!
I feel that a service like Gamepass is a great tool to have your game known or sample so they might picked later but there’s no point in having your most successful game on Gamepass unless you are making money from micro transactions.

neutralgamer1992270d ago

Yes or if the service is run by the makers of the covsole itself. I think in long run game pass can't succeed on $10 per month maybe more like $19.99 per month with 6 months commitment

But let's see I think both can succeed Sony in traditional model and Ms in subscriptions model. End of the day sales will decide if Ms biggest games don't sell 8-10 million plus than maybe they will have to rethink their strategy. I think we maybe see down the road where all Ms games end up on gamepass 30-60 days after launch which in my opinion is perfect because most games make their biggest profit in the initial 30-60 days

271d ago
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