'Ghost Of Tsushima' Has The Wrong Hero, And Boring Jin Knows It

Ladbible: "I will not remember Jin Sakai for a particularly long time. Ghost Of Tsushima is an open-world game that does what open-world games do, and Jin Sakai is a video game protagonist who does what video game protagonists do. He kills people, he helps people, he spends an extortionate amount of time chasing foxes, bathing and gathering wood - all despite the obvious urgency of his quest. It's difficult to identify any of Jin's strengths as a protagonist, but I think I've found his best one: he's boring."

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Jin_Sakai322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

I wouldn’t describe myself as boring. A Samurai can do many things and still finish his quest.

ChrisW322d ago

Some people feel that doing the same thing over and over and then meditating for long periods of time about what they have done is boring. Sigh... But this is the world we live in today.

shallowpoint322d ago

Must have played different games...

Rimeskeem322d ago

Probably why the average person looks at social media a dozen times a day. People need to do everything so fast they forget to look at life.

sampsonon321d ago

But that's why the beauty, combat, and story are so important. Just ask 343 :)

ChrisW321d ago

Wow! All of the down votes are people that are super daft!

I'm alluding to the life and practice of a samurai. A real, actual samurai. A person who is 101% into the art of Bushido. And F' no! I do not need to put up a sarc/ or any other thing. Whatever. I wear the 30+ down votes as a badge of honor... Mostly because ya'll f'n dumb as shit!

321d ago
ChrisW321d ago


I have always been snarky towards pansy-assed Sony Sheep. It's just my reputation with them... Hence the majority of down votes. However, it's not that they actually make up the majority around here. It's that small few have multiple logins or (lame Reddit communities) so they can spam dislikes and whatnot. Which I find super funny because these sheep claim they have "good 1st party AAA games" to play, but spend a majority of their time trolling these forums. Pretty lame if you ask me.

Oh, and of course... other consoles have their trolls. But here at N4G, the Sony Sheep reign!

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Sonic-and-Crash322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

While the game is very good from every aspect and the more you play it the more you like it... i would admit that the protagonist was a bit bland ...i would like he had better appearance (some japanese model for example) and a bit more tough or thug character (samurais were know for their brutality and head collecting)....though this is the only minus in unanimously beautifull game

321d ago
starchild321d ago

No way that Jin Sakai is boring. At least not for me. I really love his character.

Bathyj321d ago

Same. I mean they could have went for the over-the-top flamboyant outlandish anime style character but they went for someone stoic humble and subdued more in line with samurai. I think they made the right choice and I actually really resonate with Jin because he's not this ridiculous over-the-top caricature.

Jin_Sakai321d ago

“No way that Jin Sakai is boring. At least not for me. I really love his character.“

Appreciate the compliment! It’s not easy being a samurai.

InMyOpinion321d ago

The way he changes with his actions, and needing to put his samurai honor aside for the greater good (or bad?), is some of the more intriguing character development I've enjoyed this generation.

Also, he's a feudal samurai warrior and is supposed to act like one. It's not Dude, where's my sword...

321d ago
lazyboyblue321d ago

You're not boring Jin. The article was probably written by jealous xbot's. Don't listen to them!

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RpgSama321d ago

QUICK!!!! The Xbox Event was shit, let's talk bad about Sony!!!!

solideagle321d ago

I know what was boring in past few days. A certain showcase by a certain company :D

bacrec1322d ago

Play with subtitles/JPN voice acting on. That will change your perspective.

King_Noctis322d ago

Is it that much better? I gotta try it out.

321d ago
King_Noctis321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

“ Obviously you gotta pick up the game first Noctis.”

Yes, contrary to what you believe, I do own a PS4 and I do have the game. I would bother to comment on something that I don’t own or have no intention to own.

CWheatley321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

Yes. I switched over to JP subs about 30 min in and it made a big difference.

I'm usually a sucker for English dubs (loving Judgment so far) but it just didn't feel right in Ghost. I feel all of the characters shine a bit more and leave a bigger impression with the JP subs. More authentic, I suppose

321d ago
mkis007321d ago

My gut tells me sony has plans for these last few years' games on ps5, so I am going to save my second play-through for ps5 and turn on hard mode and Japanese audio.

VariantAEC318d ago

I'm playing in hard already but I'll play with Japanese audio and text (hopefully without subs and if I have to switch to Japanese language in PS4 system settings to do so then so be it) in my second playthrough.

DigitalDaniel321d ago

Unfortunately that doesn't help.
I (sadly) agree with Ladbible here. Jin is flat and boring. No I didn't expect an over-the-top Rockstar type of character, but I'd expect at least SOME personality. The game is good in terms of gameplay. But the story and characters are mostly extremely forgettable. One of the reasons why this game is more of a 7.5 to 8 game instead of a 9.5 to 10 game.

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-Foxtrot322d ago

Jin isn't that boring. I've played plenty of games with boring main characters but Jin was not one of them.

The conflict he faces in this game and how it ties into the overall story is fantastic

If he lives by his code, the ways he's been taught and faces every enemy head on while sticking to the teachings he's lived his whole life by, it would get him killed eventually. There's too many enemies for one person to face alone and prisoners captured would get slaughtered if he just appeared at the gates raising the alarms. All this for what? To keep his honour?

However becoming the Ghost helps him fend off the invasion, save countless life's and allows him to fight another day so he can continue helping people, but in the end it's broken his code, dishonoured him and went against everything his Uncle taught him.

zumlauf14321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

can we please stop pretending like ghost has some great story and a cast of blockbuster characters. It just doesn't. Praise what ever else you want to but it's a fairly forgettable experience on that front. FORBES named this game their "GAME OF THE GENERATION". And, within that same article they openly admitted the game had an(and i quote) "uninteresting story" and that jin overall was pretty generic. I don't love this gamr which is why i'm having a hard time finishing it, but i'm 3/4 of the way through and jin is just as borring as he ever was. But, that goes for all the other characters. Especially the cliche/non-intimidating mongol antagonist who's name i can't remember because he's so forgettable.

mkis007321d ago

It does to me, but I love this genre.

DrDeath321d ago

Khan is so hard to remember...

Seraphim321d ago

the story was interesting. let's not forget interesting, like many other things, is subjective. was it pretty typical? yeah. was it great? absolutely not. but it was a good, albeit short, story and introduction into the world. I'm assuming they do a sequel. For which I hope they hire a writer to come up with a more robust story experience. Sucker Punch have never been one to develop strong story driven narratives. Sly Cooper & Infamous were both great series and games but storytelling just isn't their forte.

To call it game of the gen is to quickly toss aside the great games we've had and live in the moment. But isn't that what continuously happens. How quick we are to forget great games when a shiny new toy comes along. Ghost is a dam fine game and perhaps one of the games of the generation but it's easily outside the top 5, maybe 10 or more in my book. While a solid-great game it just lacks some things to throw it into that echelon.

As for Jin being boring. I think Sucker Punch could have given Jin more character and life. At the same time I wouldn't say he's boring. Like Fox said. That would imply that he stuck to the code instilled upon him and never became the Ghost. And food for thought. As a Samurai in this era should be flashy like Afro Samurai. I think giving him too much character, especially in the first game, just wouldn't work. There is likely a bigger picture here.

Magatsuhi321d ago

Well most of the praise for the game is its gameplay and scenery. Story is important but at the end of the day it's a game first. Imagine if people gave a negative score to games like pubg or fortnite for not having a story or a crappy one.

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GoodGuy09322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

He does what Id expect him to do as a samurai and what he needs to do given his circumstances. He could be more interesting but is neither a bad or great character really. He is fine imo. There are other games with much worse protags, I find Jin interesting enough to keep wanting to see his journey. I do enjoy his struggle with honor and dishonor. And I mean come on, stop thinking optional sidequests get in the way of the main objective when obviously you can just do main missions back to back right away. At least its nothing like what AC has been doing and forcing you to grind side missions.
We've been too spoiled by sony's other first party for wanting an amazing protagonist and perfect game.

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