XBOX Games Showcase Live: Halo INFINITE, Pre+Post Show (Official)

Watch complete coverage of Xbox Games Showcase this Thursday, with a pre/post show hosted by Geoff Keighley (The Game Awards) with YouTube Gaming Creators.

Daniel21831403d ago

Looking forward to a great show !!!!

potatoseal1403d ago

I hope they can finally convince me to buy my very first Xbox console. Not getting my hopes up though. But I'm interested to see what they have. Lets go MS.

Father__Merrin1403d ago

I'd recemommend one there will always be games that will take your fancy. The rumours are lockhart is half the price of series X so I'm waiting for that announcement

sprinterboy1403d ago

In the same boat fella, it's upto Xbox to give me a reason, although I can't wait for flight sim but at the moment that's gonna be project xcloud through pc or my future TV.
Come on xbox, let's see some proper AAA new ips which interest me 🤞

nirwanda1403d ago

I think gamepass may be enough to convince me, to jump over from PS4 with all the XBone games this gen and first party games for almost free(with a years sub that's almost the price of one game)

potatoseal1403d ago

@ Nirwanda, Oh I'm definitely getting the PS5. But I may go with an Xbox also this upcoming gen.

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Christopher1403d ago

I wonder if they'll show that new Halo game or not?

SpeedDemon1403d ago

They'll catch a lot of flak if they don't

LOGICWINS1403d ago

Halo? Never heard of it....is that a new IP? 😆

potatoseal1403d ago

Is that the game with that Robot-looking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? /s

RaidenBlack1403d ago

Well, they did hint at a Halo game launching for Windows Phones. Heard its gonna be free to play.
Why does it matter anyways? I can't afford those products.
Retails for $599 a piece. Has 1.2Ghz processing power and whatnots.

crazyCoconuts1403d ago

Lol. It's funny how much $ people fork over for their phones every few years without expecting some grand launch

deleted1403d ago

Personally, I feel done with Halo, however I do want to see if Playground Games unveils the new Fable game! That would get me excited.

potatoseal1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

I've never played a Fable game, but I'm looking forward to seeing the rumored new 'Fable'. Funny Cartoon-like Fantasy RPG yeah. That's one of the big ones that I would like to see a lot more of, if the rumors are true.

cl19831403d ago

They changed the name Halo was a working title, it's now gears of gods

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Bathyj1403d ago

If they don't show extended gameplay of some interesting titles I will not be happy. And show me crimson Skies for God's sake. I don't give a rat's arse about another halo. I need a reason to buy this thing. Give it to me and I'll do it.

Software_Lover1403d ago

Crimson skies is a no brainer for this gen. They need to do it.

ziggurcat1403d ago

Halo appears to be the focus, so far. A few interesting titles have been shown, though.