Xbox Games Showcase [English]

Join us Live for a new look at HaloInfinite campaign and much, much more.

LegoIsAwesome1406d ago

Am I the only one who immediately thought of Uncharted 4 graphics is much better than Halo Infinite?

No bias here.

1406d ago
LegoIsAwesome1406d ago

Hellblade 2: A Very Unstabled Young Woman.

Or unstable is the right word? they did it with Tlou2: a very angry lesbian.

Lore1406d ago

For those who are only getting an xbox, be proud that Msft is actually focusing on rpg’s that have the potential to be on par with the likes of Fallout, Witcher 3, etc. Games that can sell consistently for 10+ years and be beloved. Avowed looked exactly like Sony’s missed opportunity from their 2013 tech demo “Dark Sorcerer.”

Why Sony doesn’t have a care in the world to create these sort of games is beyond me and a major blow to my personal morale.

LegoIsAwesome1406d ago

You can have Avowed. My hype goes to Everwild and the life is strange type game (forgot the title but the game that first chapter is available on aug).

RazzerRedux1406d ago

"Why Sony..."

Why do you have to make this about Sony?

LegoIsAwesome1406d ago

Dude might had seen my comment about Uncharted graphics being better than what they shown and is thinking of a comeback.

ABizzel11406d ago

This was decent, to be honest I'm a bit underwhelmed by what they showed. Once again it was a bunch of Trailers, and very little gameplay outside of Halo.

UltraNova1406d ago

Well that's it. At least they've announced Fable by Playground.

7/10 IGN.

MajorLazer1406d ago

Yep. Thought I was going to be blown away. I've seen a lot of current gen games that look on par or better.

LegoIsAwesome1406d ago

Underwhelming yeah but lets go believe what Microsoft team said that they held back in showing their new games. Everwild. Fable. Those 2 are my only hype games. My problem is they're both in PC so.... Idk. I feel if I said anymore imma get negative and will report me lol.

sprinterboy1406d ago

DS, GoT, tlou pt2, FF all looked better than anything shown today. Powr of the series x/S
What a joke Xbox

TheTony3161406d ago

Honestly? Tlou2 and Ghost of Tsushima look better than anything on this show.

LegoIsAwesome1406d ago

Dont include Death Stranding. That aint a 1st party game. It was made by Kojima who pave the way for HZD coming to PC.

LegoIsAwesome1406d ago

True man.... I feel like Halo's deb didnt fully utilize Series X hardware.

Lore1406d ago


Lol get real dude, I only play on my playstation and have only owned an xbox one which i got for next to nothing. My comment was based on Sony not creating any compelling rpg’s. Which tend to be some of the richest experiences in gaming. Why people complain about how good a game looks or lack there of is beyond me. It’s about gameplay, not solely graphics. As long as the game looks modern at a stable frame rate, that’s all that should matter. Gameplay is what keeps you engaged.

LegoIsAwesome1406d ago


Oh then you have a point man. Well Bloodborne and Horizon is RPG but Horizon aint exclusive anymore. And Bloodborne I guess is a ARPG? Was kinda hoping Sony did a JRPG.

Man wish Sony or whoever there is bought Suikoden from Konami. Cause that jrpg is the bomb.

morganfell1405d ago

""Why Sony..."

Why do you have to make this about Sony?"

Maybe because all he has heard is 12TF...in Sony threads. Maybe because people pointed out a tunnel light in a video of a game in alpha and here is the in-beta flagship not keeping up with the competitions current gen.

Not saying I agree with him doing this in this thread but both sides throw rocks in each other's articles.

darthv721405d ago

Most of what I saw looked really good and I like that they will be in gamepass and allow me to try before I buy.

RgR1405d ago

Unfortunately not. That cameo of the villain looked awful. Maybe it's the video quality but geez...show something more impressive for halo. It's your flagship title and you blow it!