Xbox Games Showcase [English]

Join us Live for a new look at HaloInfinite campaign and much, much more.

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LegoIsAwesome56d ago

Am I the only one who immediately thought of Uncharted 4 graphics is much better than Halo Infinite?

No bias here.

ZeroBlue256d ago

No, they're definitely lackluster, especially considering it's their biggest franchise.

LegoIsAwesome56d ago

Hellblade 2: A Very Unstabled Young Woman.

Or unstable is the right word? they did it with Tlou2: a very angry lesbian.

Lore56d ago

For those who are only getting an xbox, be proud that Msft is actually focusing on rpg’s that have the potential to be on par with the likes of Fallout, Witcher 3, etc. Games that can sell consistently for 10+ years and be beloved. Avowed looked exactly like Sony’s missed opportunity from their 2013 tech demo “Dark Sorcerer.”

Why Sony doesn’t have a care in the world to create these sort of games is beyond me and a major blow to my personal morale.

LegoIsAwesome56d ago

You can have Avowed. My hype goes to Everwild and the life is strange type game (forgot the title but the game that first chapter is available on aug).

RazzerRedux56d ago

"Why Sony..."

Why do you have to make this about Sony?

LegoIsAwesome56d ago

Dude might had seen my comment about Uncharted graphics being better than what they shown and is thinking of a comeback.

ABizzel156d ago

This was decent, to be honest I'm a bit underwhelmed by what they showed. Once again it was a bunch of Trailers, and very little gameplay outside of Halo.

UltraNova56d ago

Well that's it. At least they've announced Fable by Playground.

7/10 IGN.

MajorLazer56d ago

Yep. Thought I was going to be blown away. I've seen a lot of current gen games that look on par or better.

LegoIsAwesome56d ago

Underwhelming yeah but lets go believe what Microsoft team said that they held back in showing their new games. Everwild. Fable. Those 2 are my only hype games. My problem is they're both in PC so.... Idk. I feel if I said anymore imma get negative and will report me lol.

sprinterboy56d ago

DS, GoT, tlou pt2, FF all looked better than anything shown today. Powr of the series x/S
What a joke Xbox

TheTony31656d ago

Honestly? Tlou2 and Ghost of Tsushima look better than anything on this show.

LegoIsAwesome56d ago

Dont include Death Stranding. That aint a 1st party game. It was made by Kojima who pave the way for HZD coming to PC.

LegoIsAwesome56d ago

True man.... I feel like Halo's deb didnt fully utilize Series X hardware.

Lore56d ago


Lol get real dude, I only play on my playstation and have only owned an xbox one which i got for next to nothing. My comment was based on Sony not creating any compelling rpg’s. Which tend to be some of the richest experiences in gaming. Why people complain about how good a game looks or lack there of is beyond me. It’s about gameplay, not solely graphics. As long as the game looks modern at a stable frame rate, that’s all that should matter. Gameplay is what keeps you engaged.

LegoIsAwesome56d ago


Oh then you have a point man. Well Bloodborne and Horizon is RPG but Horizon aint exclusive anymore. And Bloodborne I guess is a ARPG? Was kinda hoping Sony did a JRPG.

Man wish Sony or whoever there is bought Suikoden from Konami. Cause that jrpg is the bomb.

morganfell56d ago

""Why Sony..."

Why do you have to make this about Sony?"

Maybe because all he has heard is Sony threads. Maybe because people pointed out a tunnel light in a video of a game in alpha and here is the in-beta flagship not keeping up with the competitions current gen.

Not saying I agree with him doing this in this thread but both sides throw rocks in each other's articles.

darthv7256d ago

Most of what I saw looked really good and I like that they will be in gamepass and allow me to try before I buy.

RgR56d ago

Unfortunately not. That cameo of the villain looked awful. Maybe it's the video quality but something more impressive for halo. It's your flagship title and you blow it!

OtterX56d ago

Remember how impressive the Killzone Shadowfall gameplay reveal looked 7 years ago? Granted, it's not going to compete in resolution and framerate, but just the overall art direction for a 2013 game...

RazzerRedux56d ago (Edited 56d ago )


"Well Bloodborne and Horizon is RPG but Horizon aint exclusive anymore."

lol....Lore is adamant that Horizon is NOT an RPG. If you say otherwise he will write paragraph after paragraph explaining how uninformed you not once explain his reasoning that Horizon is not a RPG.

Believe me. I know this from experience.


Very true.

Unspoken56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

No, you are probably not able to see they use very similar shading and lighting tech, but Uncharted can only run at a low frame rate and have clunky movement and abysmal action vs a game running 60 fps+ with extremely satisfying gun play.

SubtilizZer56d ago

Seriously... that’s delusional at best.

The draw space is huge.

Honestly I won’t give you anymore of my time.

LegoIsAwesome56d ago

Me and the other 80 ppl who agrees with me are delusional. Ok then.....

brrdatisback56d ago

this was my exact first thought, i swear to god.

morganfell56d ago


"Well Bloodborne and Horizon is RPG but Horizon aint exclusive anymore."

Looks like someone is forgetting this game is over 3 years old, was announced for PC the same year the PS5 sequel was announced and HZD was brought to the PC for a reason. Drive gamers to the PS5 launching this fall. Hilarious.

Maybe he wants to compare Sony's big Open World Game announced at their last show with Microsoft's Open World game shown today.

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chicken_in_the_corn56d ago

Is this the first new gen where the graphics are worse than the gen Before?

Muzikguy56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Wasn't there some talk somewhere about MS showing is what real next gen will look like?

LegoIsAwesome56d ago

And you really thought PC elitist will migrate to the PS5 for Horizon 2? Cause they didnt with the PS4 with Infamous, Bloodborne, Spiderman, God of War or when HZD was still exclusive to Sony?

RedDevils56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

No Bungie no HALO

@Lore Horizon ring any bell?

Unspoken56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Actually the other 39k plus and 60k plus think you are delusional. Check the linked or are you just spamming the Xbox threads without anyone here banning Sony trolls...

morganfell56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

And you can prove PC gamers didn’t buy in? No you can’t. Go to the Steam forums. Plenty of gamers there have grabbed PS4s, If you don’t know anybody that was a PC gamer that decided to pick up a PS4 to cover the games that are on PC then you’re living under a rock. You shouldn’t worry about Sony. They’re going to keep hammering away. You should be worried about Microsoft and what they’re not doing.

Koolaidude55d ago

Is Uncharted open world? It is harder to make an open world look good compared to a scripted movie like Uncharted or Last of US.

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UltraNova56d ago

Obsidian is on fire! Can't wait to see more.

pwnmaster300056d ago

Yeah they caring the team right now imo.
The new rpg by them looks to be interesting

medman56d ago

Everwild does look interesting....another one with no gameplay though. Disappointing showcase overall....I was really hoping to be wowed, and there was not much there at all. I like the diversity of games, but the Halo gameplay underwhelmed completely, Forza, which I assumed would be there at launch or thereabouts is "early in development"?????, and while there were several titles I'm interested in, there was not a single stunner in the bunch.

Microsoft is pushing gamepass hard, and rightfully so, it's fantastic....but it looks like the launch lineup is Halo and a lot of games people have already played given a series x upgrade. Maybe the medium is a title that can hit launch, but I don't know....not a great showcase for Microsoft imo. Not nearly enough gameplay. Not even close.

OtterX56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Yes, Everwild has me intrigued! I do want to see more.

This is another title that may push me to get an XBSX down the line to go with my PS5 if it turns into something great. I do hope it turns out well. At least XBox Series X (god, I do hate the name, but whatever) has some rpgs/fantasy games this gen that appeal to me more than what XB1 had to offer. I never owned an XB1, but I did have a good PC to play them... I pretty much stuck to Forza and Forza Horizon 3 and 4. I don't feel like upgrading a PC again, so an XBSX eventually isn't off the table IF MS continues to make improvements. We'll see.

GamerRN56d ago


They literally showcased 3 exclusive RPGs... I think if RPGs are your thing this is the year for Xbox

phoenixwing56d ago

rpgs are my thing and i am very pleased with the show. however they should have shown gameplay so it's a c to me if i had to give a letter grade

brrdatisback56d ago

Obsidian was the highlight of this entire showcase. MS should be happy they have them!

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pwnmaster300056d ago

I was really excited for this. Not gonna like kind of disappointed

Marquinho56d ago

I'm disappointed to be honest. Badly carried event.

I'm happy they finally announced Fable but I hated the black humor they used.

The game from Obsidian looks good but it was a mini-teaser.

We also didn't see Forza Gameplay.

Not saying the games shown were bad but they gave too much time to timed exclusives or medium budget games and almost nothing to Triple As.

pwnmaster300056d ago

At least do a Sony and show a little more for your closing game.... I was really excited for fable but yet was left with that bland trailer reveal... idk I guess I’ll be more patient for it.
Halo another favorite looked kind of outdated.
Idk I guess I’ll wait and see.

darthv7256d ago

So happy to see fable make a return.

SyntheticForm56d ago

Matt Booty appears and says "Today you've seen 10 new world premiers and 20 new console launch exclusives" and I'm thinking "What?"

They're tooting their own horn again, but nothing that was shown was remarkable. Others let the games do the talking, but Microsoft are showing us unexciting things and then telling us how many unexciting things were shown.

So disappointing, and as of this moment, the Series X isn't even on my radar. It would take something extraordinary to care about Xbox as of now. This was supposed to be that, but it didn't happen.

BenRC0156d ago

So thats another gen handed to sony. Well done ms lol

TheScotsman56d ago

No one will argue with you, if they do they are delusional, what another mis step for Microsoft and xbox

imtiyaz656d ago

Hate to admit it but Avowed looks really intriguing. Everything else was a snoozefest but MS finally has an IP that I want. If they get a few more of these new IPs in along with the rumoured purchase of WB games, Sony will finally have real competition. To people on the thread celebrating that HZD is not an exclusive anymore. Congrats on finally playing it after 3 and a half years. Lol. Y’all know Sony bought it to pc just to make the pc people thirsty for HZD 2 on ps5.

TheScotsman56d ago

Exactly, being on PC doesn't make it not a console exclusive, it's only thick PC gamers( the thick ones not the majority) that think if a game is on PC it's not a console exclusive.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod56d ago

Looks like MS forgot to bring it.

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Lexreborn256d ago

Swear to god if you made a drinking game on how often someone says Halo you would be drunk as hell

cl198356d ago

Wait you didn't stay up all night playing that game already. I did it based on the number of what we want to see stories.

Ron_Danger56d ago

1 halo...2 halos.... 3 halos.... Ah Ah Ah....

TheScotsman56d ago

Well halo and welcome this halo place for a special halo event of angelic halo amounts. So it's halo from him and hola from me. Too much ?? /S

Luc2056d ago

I'm watching this to see if the other side can impress me...

Luc2056d ago

Honestly disappointed. Thought I'd see something groundbreaking and then... Destiny 2? Tetris? Another Forza? No Hellblade gameplay? Some bland trailers. Console launch exclusive?! Really? Is this going to impress anyone? I guess I know what I'm go to buy in November. Were you impressed?

Unspoken56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Hmm, you only watched 4 games out of the 19? Well...I can say I'm interested in the other titles you have left out. People must be blind when watching Xbox videos.

UnholyLight56d ago

I'm a big fan of both Xbox and Playstation, but you can't sit here and tell me the PS5 reveal conference had the better games. That one was faaar more disappointing to me and showed little substance compared to how I felt about this Xbox one thats for sure. At least for me.

GamerRN56d ago

The big difference is the PS5 reveal only showed a few exclusives and many multi platform games that were coming to Xbox.

Xbox was all exclusives...

joejoejoe56d ago

@GamerRN *timed* exclusives.

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Edgelordsupreme56d ago

I find it distressing you would view this as "The other side", they're video games and if you're coming from the perspective of "The other side" than maybe your input on the whole thing is kinda tainted and useless?

mrsolidsteel2056d ago

hmmmmm......Halo doesn't look at that great.

OzzY-waZZy56d ago

Halo's looking very xbox one-y.

cl198356d ago

I'd say lets look at the 4k video not the 1080ish that the stream is.

jerethdagryphon56d ago

Everything they showed looks like a current gen game in next gen wrapper.

That coop survival yard game... Seriously that's what you put on a launch showcase
Halo again some rpg things that might or might not pan out

GamerRN56d ago Show
Army_of_Darkness56d ago


That would just be mediocre graphics in 4K.....

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autobotdan56d ago

Yeah I agree it doesn't look very good