Marvel Reveals New Warhammer Cover

This is pretty awesome and it will be interesting to see what they have down the line.   Last year, Marvel Comics announced an exciting collaboration with Games Worskhop to produce brand-new comics and graphic novels set in the popular Warhammer tabletop gaming universes.

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RazzerRedux68d ago

Not Warhammer. Warhammer: 40,000. There is a difference

Garethvk68d ago

That is what Marvel sent.

RazzerRedux68d ago

Weird. I was confused because I saw the thumbnail which was clearly an ultramarine and the title said "warhammer".

Hopefully this will continue. Would love to see Marvel and GW collaborate on some Dark Angels stories.

ArchangelMike68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Yeah, but the title of the article should be Warhammer 40k. As Razzer is pointing out, Warhammer is a different era from Warhammer 40k. Marvel sent the cover for a Warhammer 40k comic, not a Warhammer comic.
Warhammer is 'old world's I.e. has elves and dwarves, skaven and lizard men. Warhammer 40k on the other hand is distant future and has ultramarines, and spaceships, galactic battles, lazer weapons etc.

You get the point.

JasonBloodbourne68d ago

Isn’t this for a comic? What’s it doing in video game news?

Garethvk68d ago

Warhammer is a game, so a comic based on a game is considered game news. Just like merchandise based on a video game is also allowed.

JasonBloodbourne68d ago

I know it’s a game mate as I play it. It’s a tabletop game with video game spinoffs so I suppose your right. Cheers.

BigStud68d ago

Is marvel going to ruin this as well?

HyperMoused68d ago

Warhammer has some of the best lore and has the best universe going, yet all the games that they pump out just dont cut it, if only they could launch an amazing game, closest ive seen is Vermintide that L4D/warhammer combo works so well, but there is so much more potential.

JasonBloodbourne68d ago

Yeah man your right there. The only GW video games I’ve ever liked were dawn of war 2 and blood bowl 2 plus space marine. Other than that they’ve been pretty pants.

ArchangelMike68d ago

As I said above, give Total Warhammer 2 a try. Its brilliant.

ArchangelMike68d ago

You really need to play Total Warhammer 2. It's the best Warhammer Game, and I've played a fair few of them.

Bnet34367d ago

I bought TW2 and quickly found out that game is hard as hell XD Learning curve is so hard :(