Expect Additional World Premieres At Next Week's Xbox Pre-Show

On 23rd July, Microsoft will be hosting its highly anticipated Xbox Games Showcase. The Game Awards creator, Geoff Keighley, took to Twitter to remind everyone to tune in, and told Xbox fans to expect additional world premieres.
GM of Xbox Games Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, added to this - mentioning how there'll be "some exciting reveals"

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Looper379d ago

Nice. But why not just make the main show longer?
Probably smaller games from their Xbox publishing arm?

RpgSama378d ago

I don't really care about world premiere trailers, I want them to show exclusives, at least they are showing them in the Pre Show, hopefully that means that the actual show will be focused on the big guns

Marquinho378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

On Aaron Greenberg Twitter:

"Trust me you don’t want to miss this pre-show. We have been working with @geoffkeighley and our partners on some exciting reveals!"

So it looks like it wont be your regular warm-up show. I hope they show gameplay for the exclusive games announced in the previous event, like Scorn and The Medium and The Ascent.

MS has the potential to make a hell of a show overall.

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rainslacker378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

Pre-show lets them talk all they want, and not have their actual show criticized for them talking too their last show.

I'd rather just see the games. I can either read what they said in the pre-show quicker and without the self-congratulatory banter, and any games they show during the pre-show, I can just watch later if I'm interested. either way, I'll be at work, so I probably won't watch either event live, although may be able to catch some of the actual event during my lunch break.

DJStotty377d ago

Pre-show to get console details, pricing etc out the way.

Main show for games.

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AngelicIceDiamond378d ago

If they can get indie announcements, DLC and expansions out the way in the pre show that would be GREATLY appreciated. Sony did the smart thing and that's get the inevitable GTA 5 on next gen consoles announcements out of the way first. At least that's what I hope MS is doing.

lazyboyblue378d ago

I imagine when Rockstar come knocking you have to bend to their will. They were smart taking care of that announcement 1st though.

RaidenBlack378d ago

What are the chances of another Cyberpunk segment at this show?

Imortus_san378d ago

Sony show was terrible, they had 20 indies, 4 first party 2 of them teasers, and two 3th party exclusives.

TheHateTheyGive377d ago

My only complaint on sonys show was that none of them games looked next gen.

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DOMination-378d ago

Hopefully Skyrim will be announced. Imagine how good the title screen will look on Xbox Series X. Not to mention, no fast travel loading. I've also heard rumours that the Gilson B. Pontes PS4 exclusives might be coming to Xbox too and that would be a Megaton.

Yui_Suzumiya377d ago

Wondering if it'll be the same announcer from The Game Awards, lol

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