EDGE #348 review scores

This month’s EDGE reviews include a tough verdict for Ghost of Tsushima, Ninjala, and more.

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purple10128d ago

ghost of tushima - a 6/10

I reckon that's a bit harsh, for a masterpiece of a game, & a disrespect to all the people that worked hard on making it.

mrsolidsteel2028d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Well, I hope this doesn’t stop you from getting the game.

I’m patiently waiting for my collector’s edition to arrive.

As a community we have to stop giving these reviewers too much power when it comes to reviewing these games.

Some hold their “opinions” like its the “begin all and end all.”

RememberThe35728d ago (Edited 28d ago )

True, but expecting some damn consistency, and at least an attempt to check bias isn't asking too much.

buffig28d ago

I think there's enough incredibly positive reviews out there for you not to worry about its' quality. 40/40 from Famitsu and many more 9s and 10s. A handful of low reviews says to me that it either grabs people or it doesn't. Seemingly no in between

neutralgamer199228d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Edge goes for clicks

Christopher28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

A publication without a website goes for clicks...

DonOcelot28d ago

It's not harsh or disrespectful. It's a person's opinion. Just because people work hard on something doesn't mean it should get positive reviews by default.
I don't know why so many people have such issues with this concept; Reviews are subjective, that's the point. Just because it doesn't align with your views doesn't make it bad or harsh or disrespectful or whatever.

purple10128d ago

People saying opinion can't be wrong as it's just personal thing but come on a 6/10. IS. Plain. Wrong. Simple.

And I know edge are known for being very hard with scores. But this takes the biscuit.

CobraKai28d ago

I never listen to reviews. I formulate my own opinions on games by watching trailers and gameplay. Then I’ll decide if it’s a game for me. Ghosts, definitely a game for me.

Looper28d ago

Purple what do you mean it's an insult? It's an opinion and in this person's first hand experience it's a 6.
Also, how do you know it's a masterpiece? Are you basing that on your first hand experience with the game?

Rachel_Alucard28d ago

Yeah let's just all smile and pretend everything is perfect just so we don't insult the team who willingly spent the last 6 years making it. /s

Why even have reviews if you're just gonna get mad everytime someone disagrees with your opinion?

neutralgamer199227d ago

How about these reviews actually reviewing the game and not bring their reputation into it. Edge is know for being harsh just like Gamespot so these publications have a reputation to protect

Of overall is 85/100 and this person says it's 60/100 than this person's opinion is what you will call wrong or trying to be harsh to stand out. Don't believe me look at YouTubers they saw the praise being given you TLOU2 and they wanted the clicks so they hated on it and when they were called out they had no legit ground to stand on(btw I am with YouTubers on TLOU2) but doesn't change facts I saw how few went out of their way to please vocal minority

Rachel_Alucard27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

That's the joke. His opinion isn't wrong. It's his opinion. I myself find I don't enjoy many games everyone else praises like BOTW. Don't expect everyone to follow the herd. Even his opinion is only 2 points lower on the scale compared to most others, if he wanted to stand out he would've done much worse. Speaking of BOTW, I still remember how on this site, even the slightest criticism article was met with slander for daring to speak out against it's flaws. It's like why bother even doing honest reviews or pieces if everyone just wants the same opinion to reinforce their own with?

Dragonscale27d ago

Its a good game but no masterpiece.

MajorLazer27d ago

Wouldn't say masterpiece. That phrase should be reserved for the top 10 games of this generation.

Flewid63827d ago

Not sure how disliking something is the same as disrespecting something.

And I say that as someone who loves the game.

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Rimeskeem28d ago

All I know is that Famitsu gave it a perfect score and they are THE Japanese reviewers. I'm looking for an authentic samurai experience and it seems like this is what I will get.

Father__Merrin28d ago

yes but witcher 3 you can open a chest if you do that in ghosts its "nothing new"

Lore28d ago

Unfortunately many gamers don’t think to care about this. They’re becoming very simplistic. I’m with you brotha

specialguest28d ago

Not to take anything away from GOT, but if you've known Famitsu for the last decade and a half, they tend to easily give games high scores. They admitted many years ago in an article that they do not score games based on their own observation as a reviewer based on the pros and cons. Instead they think about what the general consumer may feel about the game. Additionally, they consider how it would affect sales if an genuine bad score was given. To me that defeats the purpose of being a professional game reviewer

The article:

Father__Merrin28d ago

yep 6/10 meaning game is no good which is rubbish. in comparison edge will give games with lesser gameplay etc a higher score. cant wait for ps5 to release it must pain these animals so much

crazyCoconuts28d ago

6/10 is where Crackdown 3 landed. You can just look at a few videos of GoT and see that it's not a Crackdown 3.

Looper28d ago

They gave it a 5 though so Edge don't think the games are the same in terms of quality.

TripleAAARating28d ago

@ Looper

Lol man go play some of that "slightly worse crackdown" as you so subtly imply or some shit.

Looper28d ago

I already played the campaign and finished it. I'd give it a 7 personally. But that's me.

LucasRuinedChildhood28d ago

Calm down a bit. This game has the same Metascore as inFamous 2. Not everyone has to like a particular game.

Minute Man 72128d ago

IMHO inFamous 2 is the best in the series

DEEBO28d ago

Lol some people are pathetic.
They skip the articles with the high scores for ghost but soon as it gets a 7 or lower they flood in to celebrate it.

These are literally grown men acting like children.
Best time to be a gamer and this is what they rather spend their time doing.

Looper28d ago

Funny thing is most of the comments are from you and your friends complaining about the review.

Ausbo28d ago

I don’t see anyone celebrating this review score

MajorLazer27d ago

Where are these celebrations? Seems like you're taking someones opinion on a game waaaay too seriously.

SegaSaturn66928d ago

The game does have notorious clipping at some points but most of the issues should be ironed out with a day 1 patch.

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