Crysis Enhanced Edition is now available for free download

DSOGaming writes: "Last month, we informed you about a new graphical overhaul mod for the first Crysis game, Crysis Enhanced Edition. This mod was originally put behind a Patreon-wall. However, we are happy to report today that Crysis Enhanced Edition is finally available for download to the public."

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masterfox103d ago

maximum water!, maximum particles!, maximum lightning! , I think this will put maximum heat on my PC too , will do some maximum run afterwards after my room gets a maximum explosion , I think I will maximum stop now :D

SamTheGamer103d ago

LOL. I am gearing up to play this as maximum as I can with maximum quality.

TallDarknWavy103d ago

Yes, on PC if you bought this you get a free upgrade.
But given how PS3/360 owners also bought this, they get squat. They can pay for it again at an even higher price.

ManMarmalade103d ago

I'll try this on my laptop later to see what happens lol.
Then I'll put it on my desktop.
Will be back later with results when I'm not at work.

103d ago
LordoftheCritics103d ago

Absolutely ruined the art direction.

GreatSako2020103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Besides water reflections, everything else look ugly as shit. Some of it looks like my first render in Blender 😂

Father__Merrin103d ago

Will it run in DX 10 though? I have to launch with - dx9 in start up otherwise it seems to lock at 50 where as dx9 it's 60

Axonometri103d ago

Maximum Trailer Font because More always = better

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