Former Argonaut CEO Wants To Bring Back Croc

TechRaptor writes, "Former Argonaut Software CEO Jez San says he'd like to bring back the Croc IP one day. The IP managed to spawn six games, with two main series installments alongside a Game Boy Color game and three mobile-only releases. It's lain dormant since the year 2001."

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Daeloki27d ago

Croc was one of my very first PS1 games. I for some reason very specifically remember being confused about what language he was talking, and my dad being like "I dunno, Greece or something?". Also I remember being extremely frustrated about the controls for some reason.

BlackIceJoe27d ago

I haven't heard of this game in at least two decades and I think now is the best time to bring him back. With the Platformer revival we are seeing in games, I'm always welcome to see more return. Hopefully this will happen soon.

nowitzki200427d ago

I totally forgot about it til this article.

BlackIceJoe26d ago

That tells you just how old we are and if I'm not mistaken Fox brought the game out back in the day too.

Relientk7727d ago

Do it. Bring Croc back on PS5.