Unreal Engine 5 Nanite Tech Can Easily Render a Million High-Poly Objects at 60fps on PS5

Just how many thousands of objects and billions of polygons was that Unreal Engine 5 demo pushing? New details on Epic's next-gen tech!

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Jin_Sakai383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

A million high-poly objects at 60fps sounds amazing. Can’t wait.

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GamerRN381d ago

Would be nice if it could do it at 4k...

RazzerRedux381d ago

lol....why? DF had to use Photoshop magnification to tell the difference between a lossless 4k image from the UE5 demo and its corresponding 1440p version. Why waste processing resources for differences your eyes cannot detect?

GamerRN381d ago


I can see the difference between 4k and 1440p on my 82" tv. I sit about 6 feet away and can see the difference... Also, if a competing console decides to use the same reason as PS5 it could actually outperform it and have higher poly counts. So the point is it's a weaker system

CBaoth381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

We're not talking normal 2K vs. 4K. The UE5 demo used a form of temporal aliasing that rendered a 1440p image indistinguishable from 4K. The chaps at DF had to zoom to 400% to notice the minute differences in the upscaled image versus the native one. I seriously doubt with out this, ray tracing would even be possible on the next gen consoles.

EDIT: at least not without serious concessions

GamerRN381d ago


It's not ready tracing, it's a ray traced lighting lighting alternative. Please don't confuse the two.

Also XSX has dedicated ray tracing hardware. It's very doable this coming generation on that box

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Jin_Sakai383d ago

If you’d read the article you’d know.

“The “Lumen in the Land of Nanite” demo ran at approximately 1440p and 30fps, but apparently, the PS5 could easily render most of it at 60fps. As we already learned, Nanite is not particularly taxing on hardware – the entire GPU rendering cost of the demo was about 4.5ms, which is about 1/4 the timeframe budget at 30fps or 1/8 at 60fps. The demo also only used a rather paltry 768MB of RAM.”

“Lumen is the reason the UE5 demo only ran at 30fps, although Epic is hoping they’ll be able to get it working at 60fps”

Kribwalker383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

i did read it. If you got rid of lumen, then it would run at 60fos, but without lumen, it wouldn’t look as good. So why are they having to sacrifice? Lumen is like a type of software ray tracing per say. It’s not genuine ray tracing, and if your hitting 1440p/30fps with kinda ray tracing, what’s it gonna be like with full ray tracing

sinspirit382d ago


Ray tracing is ray tracing. What do you mean not genuine? Software just means it's not taking advantage of dedicated purposed hardware or accelerators. It's still ray tracing.

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Babadook7382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

I think there is a misquote there. 4.5ms is 1/4 or 60 fps budget and 1/8 30 fps budget. The demo was on both early PS5 hardware and an early engine prototype so its possible their goal of 60 fps is reachable.

GamerRN381d ago


It's not ray tracing, it's a cheaper alternative

sinspirit381d ago


Ray tracing is ray tracing. Any ulterior method of lighting isn't ray tracing or labeled as such. If it's ray tracing, then it's ray tracing. Ray tracing is a very specific method of light rendering. Explain how it's a cheaper method. The only difference between software and hardware is that it's not running on dedicated ray tracing hardware or ray tracing cores. Software actually is historically and technically more accurate than hardware for rendering, but it takes far longer to get results and the difference is unnoticeable.

Absolutely ridiculous that people make up these remarks on the spot or twist heresay that others have told them to try and join technical conversation.

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Tech5383d ago

@ Kribwalker

i would imagine they're still working on it and it won't be out till late next year.

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on the side -

the engine no doubt will be even more powerful. though even with that said, even with these new tools. considering that not all developers will be the same. you may still have other factors to consider for game development. - budgets, pricing, ambition, team scale, and project scale. we will have to see how many developers will be producing the content at the standards.

blackblades383d ago

The engine is still in development bruh

IRetrouk382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

Good to hear, one of the epic devs talked about it outside of the video on twitter too.

JEECE382d ago

Wait, you mean a tech demo of a new engine, shown half a year before a console launch, was not a demonstration of the engine's full capabilities on that system?

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silenthillstrangler382d ago

Lets hope they are able to, it would be a shame to spend another console gen in 30fps.

Christopher382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

Let's be honest, current-gen is only in 30fps because of the prioritization of graphical fidelity over performance. If that holds true next-gen, then it won't be because 60fps isn't possible but because they prioritize graphics over everything else.

Modestmex382d ago

i didn't read your comment Christopher basically the same comment that u stated.

silenthillstrangler381d ago

Though their is far more room to have both this gen unless its ubisoft.

RazzerRedux381d ago


Exactly correct. I see folks talking about a system that "targets 60fps" and such. Any system can "target" 60fps. It is a sliding scale between fidelity and frame rate.


Sure....if they were trying to maintain current gen visuals and focus on frame rate, but that isn't the case. Last gen it was the race to higher resolutions. This gen it is about enhancements like ray tracing.

This is why we should have modes like what they will have in the Demon Souls remake. Let gamers decide over visuals vs performance.

Modestmex382d ago

lets be honest these consoles are always gonna be pushing fidelity to high levels so they gonna have to sacrifice performance. you want pretty graphics and 4k.

silenthillstrangler381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

1440p, dynamic res, upscaling, all ways to achieve both performance and fidelity.

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