Perv Simulator VR Highlights Steam’s Continued Problem with Quality Control

Perv Simulator VR is the latest game that highlights the lack of quality control on Steam and why the Epic Games Store is a better option.

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SegaGamer28d ago

You could easily ignore it, it's a pretty simple thing to do. I had never even heard of the game until I seen this article and I use Steam daily.

nowitzki200428d ago

Right? Its not like Steam throws these at the front page and pushes them. "Perv Simulator VR Free Weekend" lol

Anomander27d ago

They do if you set your filters to include that type of content. It's fun to see what pops up now then on recommendations and new and upcoming in the adult games. It's always good for a few laughs.

Still waiting for strip club VR to go on sale. Need to have some fun with them all closed due to covid-19!

SierraGuy28d ago

Steam is better in every way.

ZeroBlue228d ago

Same argument made against the conservative evangelical types of the 90's, every bit as relevant today. "But what about the children?!?"
It's called parenting.

SickSinceSix28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Comparing Epic Games Store to Steam is like comparing a plastic butter knife to a Swiss Army Knife . EGS is the definition of bare bones

nowitzki200428d ago

People that will buy this game will buy it if its on Steam or not. This is just trying to make EGS look better, EGS still has a long long way to go.

Marcello28d ago

i got the Platinum trophy already.

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The story is too old to be commented.