Atari And AirConsole Announce Partnership For Atari VCS

This will be an interesting development to follow. Today, Atari announced a new partnership with cloud-based gaming platform AirConsole to launch a dedicated AirConsole app on the Atari VCS PC/console hybrid entertainment system this fall.

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darthv7224d ago

I still think this needs the full compliment of Atari support. From Pong to the Jaguar as well as their PC line.

Garethvk24d ago

Exactly. Retro titles do not justify the price for me as I would rather apply that to a PS5.

DivoJones24d ago

Just gotta say that this console is going to be a colossal flop, it's entirely too expensive for what it does.

Garethvk24d ago

When I said that in a prior article the fan boys came after me on Twitter.

Relientk7724d ago

Not only is it entirely too expensive it's gonna get crushed by PS5 and Xbox Series X. Very poor release date choice. It should have released next spring or next year in general.

Garethvk23d ago

I had a 2600 growing up and this boggles me. I can get the classic games already on other formats. I have not seen anything to make me get this and the fanboys say well it can run as a PC and if nothing else it looks nice.

I have a PC do not need a paperweight to gather dust.

DerfDerf23d ago

The Amico launches in October and is considerably more impressive in every aspect.I will be getting the Amico along with the PS5 and Xbox One and everyone I know who is in to retro style gaming is also going Amico.

Garethvk23d ago

They have done a horrible job marketing it and showing games it will be playing beyond classics.

Father__Merrin24d ago

Why on earth would u want a retro console like this.

Agent_00_Revan23d ago

Ahhh, I see more companies want to get in on the money laundering. Because I can't see any other reason for this console to exist.

Knightofelemia23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I wonder how Stadia 2.0 will do on the market and how many people will actually over pay for a machine that plays old Atari games. Just cheaper to buy a 2600 on Ebay av mod it and play old Atari that way bought a Sears Telegames 2600 for $50 thats how I play Atari or I use my 7800 and 5200.