I Am Iron Man

One of the most anticipated titles for the PSVR is Marvel’s Iron Man VR, an adventure in the shoes of Tony Stark; the thought makes me go weak at the knees. That in itself is enough to peak more than my interest. Who does not want to have a chance at being Iron Man, arguably the best Avenger?

Tony Stark’s advanced armour operates like VR, with a virtual screen seen inside his helmet. So it seems that Iron Man is made for the virtual reality game genre.

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BenRC0121d ago

Got half way through and sold it. Good flying mechanic with crappy game attatched

21d ago
jukins21d ago

Yea sure. You should tried something a little more believable like the load times are way way too long. Still fun enough to sit through minutes of nothingness under vr helm just barely but still

BenRC0121d ago

Glad your so easily pleased