Devolver Digital Wacky Conference Announcements

Devolver Digital, the publisher behind multiple highly acclaimed indie games in the last decade. Took to twitch yesterday to complete their notE3 conference. In a very unique experience, they announced a number of titles that would be coming from them over the next year. One of which is available immediately and for free!

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Silly gameAr31d ago

Damn it I missed the conference.

Dkcolley31d ago

you can catch it on youtube

Silly gameAr31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Already ahead of you lol. Thanks, though.

lellkay31d ago

I missed it! gonna watch it tomorrow, love these!

Petebloodyonion31d ago

Was a big fan of Serious Sam on Pc so I’m happy to see #4 coming out.

FlavorLav0131d ago

Shadow Warrior 3 looks more than ready to scratch that Duke Nukem itch I’ve had for zany 1st person shooter fun!

lellkay27d ago

It was absolutely divine.