Devil May Cry Mobile: Release Date And New Trailer Revealed

TapTap hosted it’s 2020 game conference just a couple of days back, during this live-stream event, many developers came on board to not only announce new titles about also to share updates about their ongoing projects. One of which was obviously Yunchang Game, the developers of Devil May Cry Mobile version.

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Melankolis378d ago

Tap tap tap tap...eewww...

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Goozex378d ago

Big fan of devil may cry but seriously worried about microtransactions galore

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NecrumOddBoy378d ago

Fingering demons since 2020.

DragonWarrior19378d ago

Mobile, no thanks. I'd play a crappy sequel to the Ninja Theory abomination before I play a horrible cell phone game.

Insanemaniak1378d ago

Ninja Theory's Dmc felt like the most inspired and original since Dmc 3. It's a shame it bombed as it did offer a rich environment and character development which the original series took around 4 games to do in a single game.

To be fair, considering its perception it says a lot that they based DMC5 Nero around Ninja Theory's Dante and incorporated some of their gameplay features.

Melankolis377d ago

I agree. Everytime i mentioned DmC is better than DMC i always get a lot of disagrees. Never like DMC, but i like DmC, it has American TV series's vibe in it, it's universe is prospective, too bad they don't continue it.

dragonrage00377d ago

If by "development" you mean butchering, then sure. Dante went from a goofy smartass in the originals to an unlikable asshole, thats only "cool" if you're some sort of punk movement reject. Vergil went from a powerful rival to an incompetent who poses no threat, and needs to be rescued more than princess Peach. Coupled with the most tasteless dialogue I've ever seen in a game, seemingly written by some 12 yo that thinks swearing makes you cool.
I'd rather play a fun story that doesnt take itself seriously than a terrible attempt at something deep.
And thats not even mentioning the dumbed down combat. The only thing I commend DmC for is the level design

lellkay377d ago

People angry cos it's true

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The story is too old to be commented.