Crysis Is Coming To The Switch On July 23 After All

Crysis is coming to the Switch on July 23 and it appears that’s both good news and bad news.

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RaidenBlack35d ago

For a switch game. It looks absolutely stunning!

diepdiep35d ago

It's thanks to Saber Interactive, they are really talented in porting games like these for the Switch.

RaidenBlack35d ago

They also did a fine job with Halo MCC.
They even wanted to Remaster Half Life 2 for current gen hardware at very minimal cost, just out of utter love for the game. Gabe Newell turned them down.

King_Noctis35d ago

Kindda make you wonder what other games they can try and port to the Switch.

I’d love to see them handling GTA V port.

vladstad34d ago

too bad saber didnt do the outer worlds port. i think they would of done better.

NotoriousWhiz35d ago

Everyone always talks about how good it looks, but is it a fun game to play?

ZeekQuattro35d ago

Gyro controls have been confirmed for those who want them.

SierraGuy35d ago

Screw gyro controls I want gyro sandwich!

Army_of_Darkness35d ago

Incoming switch breakdowns! 😝 J/k

Father__Merrin35d ago

This won't be good in handheld mode docked might be ok but it's nothing compared to other versions. I still want to know what Nintendo's next gen plans are. Playstation and Xbox have brand new systems to look forward to what has Nintendo got? Mabey they announce something in the upcoming treehouse digital show a next gen 4k console

SierraGuy35d ago

They already said moving forward w handheld / hybrid...but inevitably whatever Nvidia tells them.

MarcianoBR36035d ago

When a joke doesn't makes sense anymore, even on the switch.

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