Tencent enters in exclusive talks to acquire Warframe parent company Leyou

Recently, reports emerged that Sony was preparing a bid to acquire Leyou. Now, it appears that Tencent is the most likely buyer and have entered exclusive discussions.

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morganfell1171d ago

Say goodbye to Warframe as you know it. And Splash Damage, been nice knowing you.

himdeel1171d ago

Yep very bad news. I wouldn't be as worried with Sony stepping in, but them, straight doom and gloom.

darthv721171d ago

Tencent seems to be dipping their toes into just about anything. They have a 40% stake in Epic as well.

Shiken1171d ago

Yeah, say goodbye to one of the actual good F2P games that allows you to get everything with reasonably dedicated gameplay.

You literally did not have to buy anything in this game, you only did it to support the dev. If Tencent steps in, it will never be the same.

morganfell1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

I remember when it first came out on the PS3. I thought, wow, right out of an old Phantagram trailer. And you are so correct. You had to buy nothing but I did because I felt guilty playing something so well designed...for free. As you said, repaying the devs.

LordoftheCritics1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

We had a good run Tennos.

rainslacker1170d ago

Tencent wants to own everything it seems. Or, "hold it", since they're just a holding company. Or at least have a significant stake in everything. I get that they want to diversify and expand. But damn, they have so many eggs in their basket, it's practically obscene.

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Abnor_Mal1171d ago

I thought Sony were also looking to acquire Leyou.


Direwolf4841171d ago

They were. Evidently they were outbid.

Abnor_Mal1171d ago

Seems they were, sad, that acquisition could have possibly helped Sony create an exclusive multiplayer game since a few of the companies under Leyou worked on MP games.

LucasRuinedChildhood1170d ago

It's actually kind of funny because they just invested $250 million into Epic ... who Tencent own 40% of the shares in. It's a cutthroat business, I suppose. Tbh, I think they're are more exciting things for Sony to spend a billion dollars on.

rainslacker1170d ago

This sounds more like a buyout deal than a stakeholder deal. This means that Tencent would have complete control over the studio, and it's IP's. Warframe I suppose has been doing pretty good all these years. Not talked about much, but I hear it has a good following. I could see Sony wanting to acquire it to own the franchise, and maybe have the dev do something new, or expand on WF.

I don't think the Epic deal and them wanting to buy Leyou were connected though, nor would Tencents stake in Epic mean much to Sony unless Sony was just a silent partner in Epic. I have a strong feeling, with no backing other than some guess work, that there is something specific Sony is funding with that money. General investment wouldn't require an announcement, nor is the sum of investment worth much to make it worth announcing....at least outside of shareholder disclosures.

Shikoku1171d ago

Please for the love of God sell to Sony. Tencent needs stopped..

AzubuFrost1171d ago

And yet it's ok for Sony to spread to North America, Europe, China, and other international countries with game devs?

Make some sense pls.

luckytrouble1171d ago

The issue is that Sony is legitimately just building a set of studios to continue expanding their game business. Everything they do is to promote the PlayStation brand on the global stage.

Tencent, nobody is 100% what exactly they're doing. They're just a giant company with known ties to the Chinese government that have been trying really hard to leech as much profit out of the game industry as they can for the past several years.

But I mean, you tell me if you're comfortable having the company that has made propaganda for the Chinese government getting their hands all over the gaming industry.

AzubuFrost1171d ago


Wanna know something fun? I wouldn't be surprised if Tencent already invested money into Sony. And if Tencent did what will people here going to do?

Angyobangyo1170d ago


To quote you, "Make some sense pls". Saying, "Wannaknow something fun?" like stating you know that it's a fact that Tencent has invested in Sony, then you go on to use a conditional which is used for imaginary circumstances. Take you tinfoil hat off son.

rainslacker1170d ago


Tencent is a holding company, which basically means they own or are vested in, and manage a bunch of stuff. In this case, a bunch of video game publishers or studios. They're expanding just like any other business really.

They have had rapid advancement, and things they have large stakes in tend to not be all that appealing to hardcore gamers....mostly because they chase after the easy cash more than they seem to have an interest in actual game advancement. But, they still have holdings that are making regular games.

I'd prefer they not keep buying up everything though. Having that much control over an industry is never a good thing, regardless of their intentions or ties to whatever powers may be.

Shikoku1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

I'm pretty sure you're a trash sock account just defending this crap.

Shikoku1170d ago

No they're are a Chinese business not just a holding company and a front for the communist party other people maybe just fine helping support communism but I'm not.

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Iamnothuman121171d ago

Chinese want their hands in everything.

RememberThe3571171d ago

They certainly have the money for it

Blank1171d ago

Damn ain’t that crappy? Splash Damage have been a nice dev team with a lot of goodwill. One Tencent comes in, they will be forced to do stuff I doubt they would’ve done prior to Tencent buying the parent company. I hope a large portion of talent branches out to make a new dev team. Everything Tencent touches or creates ends up as watered down, money hungry shite.