Sony Respond to Weekend Rumours

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have responded to the rumours reported by D+PAD on Saturday night.

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Arsenal4Ever4803d ago

Yeah Sony as if. Joking. Let them announce it when they wish. I just want to play the games lol.

Tomdc4802d ago


"we do not comment on rumour and speculation”

I think they just did!

tristanmike4802d ago


As far as I'm concerned, when Sony says things like, "We do not comment on rumor and speculation" what they really mean is, "Damn, you found us out, but we can't confirm it until later"

mfwahwah4802d ago


"Information discussed within the confines of internal company meetings is confidential and subject to change."

Yeah, they just basically told me that that info WAS discussed in internal company meetings, isn't confidential anymore, and will probably happen.

They should have stuck with; "We do not discuss rumors and speculation."

TheDude2dot04802d ago

There should be a report abuse option for articles that say "Completely useless article".

BiggDaddy3114802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

The rumors r true then if you cannot deny them. I mean if Jaffe has seen GOW3 then that means there is a playable build at Santa Monica, We all know that Uncharted 2 has been rumored for a while.

I think they release these rumors just to hear the buzz. I mean come on how long have we been hearing about Nintendo's Kid Icurus game.

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-EvoAnubis-4803d ago

I figured this would be coming. That's the standard company line.

ruibing4802d ago

Well they didn't deny it...

zeeman4803d ago

I swear Sony is run by a robot, cyborg or other AI.
They just completely lack emotion. They are programmed to send out messages when prompted and don't believe in marketing and PR. Resistance 2, Little big planet and even the PS3 have fallen victim to the corporations inability to sell itself.
Come on Sony stop believing that your reputation sells itself. Get in there!!

DeletedUser4802d ago

Why would Sony tell everyone they are going to drop the price on the PS3, when the Christmas Shopping Season has just started?

That would ruin their Christmas.

Sony also says the same thing about rumors, because they have learned when they let something out too early, it gets overly hyped and it ruins the experience, or the game never lives up to hype.

Exactly how people feel about Home. ( I actually like Home how it is now.)

indysurfn4802d ago

That was wrong! But while we are at it I can't wait to ride that big beast and distroy like never before again. That was CRAZY!

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The story is too old to be commented.