Turok PS4 Version Surfaces, Trophies Listed

It looks like a Turok PS4 version is underway, as not only has the game been added to the PlayStation database, but the Trophies has surfaced too.

MadLad1436d ago

Everyone points out Goldeneye when talking of impressive console shooters of the time, but Turok will always be my favorite.
I have both the remasters on PC, and they're still great experiences that hold up today.

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blacktiger1435d ago

Turok 64 was the first game to use joystick as mouse and 4 yellow buttons as d pad. No one understood this and like golden eye better. I loved Turok specifically for the controls. Today that's the standard control. Thank You Turok for waking up th e industry!

Yodasfavoritesoda1435d ago

Turok is still a blast to play. Whoever owns the ip needs to do something with it

GoodGuy091436d ago

Man Id love to see a modern turok game.

excaliburps1436d ago

I don't know why no one tries. I mean, there are loads of worse ideas out there and a dino-hunting FPS isn't included?? Speaking of, where's Dino Crisis?

mrsolidsteel201435d ago

Well they had one that was on the PS3 and 360, but it wasn’t that good.

sushimama1436d ago

WOW. Is this a remaster? Remake maybe? Doubtful. Will it be announced at the Xbox show? So many questions

Nitrowolf21436d ago

Why would it be announced at the Xbox show when it already released for Xbox and Switch...

sushimama1436d ago

Yeak ok. So it's only the simple remastered version. My brain took a fart there. THEY NEED A FKING NEW TUROK

Nitrowolf21436d ago

oh i agree, they def need a new one and a good one at that

morganfell1435d ago

Takes swing at PS4...trips and punches self.

Terry_B1435d ago

Its more or less a straight port of the old pc version with just tiny graphical enhancements. It can look better via one of the Nintendo 64 emulators actually.

RaidenBlack1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

With new Doom(s) and Shadow Warrior(s) ... somebody surely can make a proper modern Turok game, right?
And a modern Gothic Quake? And a new Unreal title?
And ... umm ... also a proper modern Duke Nukem?

Terry_B1435d ago

Just check out Dusk & Ion Fury &Wrath on Pc

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Turok: A Game Series in Need of a Reboot

The Turok series has been languishing without a new title for more than a decade. It's about time we got a reboot.

closed_account393d ago

I'm all for it, I loved the originals... I just don't think, just like w the original Prey, that the main character can survive in this current political climate. Native characters seem untouchable at the moment. I think it can be shown the right respect, but there's always someone getting upset about something these days, they would find a way to cancel it.

BriBri393d ago

I can't think of a game that's been cancelled because of the race of the main character.

Vits393d ago

Honestly, I would prefer if they just ported/remastered Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion to modern platforms. So we could have access to the "original 3 games". Because I don't see how to really reboot Turok. It's a product of its time being a mixture of platforming/fps and puzzle.

And I really don't see all those elements being preserved on a Reboot.

potatoseal393d ago

I would prefer Dino Crisis remake from Capcom. Still, a remade Turok would get my attention.

FreeckyCake393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

Forgets about the 2008 reboot*
I'd rather have a sequel to Turok 3, tbh.

GoodGuy09393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

We unfortunately do not have enough quality dino games. Theres Horizon but they're robots, and Monster Hunter that I can only think of. I'd like to see Turok make a comeback some day.