Inside the Hectic Motion Capture Adventure of Creating Lost Planet 3 with Lead Actor Bill Watterson

The Escapist talks to actor and director Bill Watterson about his mocap (motion capture) experience in L.A. Noire & Spark Unlimited's Lost Planet 3.

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East76lands27d ago

The lost Planet games had the potential to be something great, they just never quite reached their potential.

Tex424227d ago

3 was great in my opinion, but no one gave it a chance. A complete reboot is definitely needed.

spicelicka27d ago

I loved the Lost Planet games! They really need to bring those back. Taking down giant beasts specially in co-op was hella fun.

AK9127d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Lost Planet 1 and 2 were Phenomenal 3 was just plain mediocre, Capcom needs to bring that game back it was just so much damn fun.