$70 Games Will Damage the Industry, Here's Why

2K Games have announced that NBA 2K21 will be released on the next generation consoles at $70. But will $70 games become the norm?

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TheRealTedCruz38d ago

Let's hike the price, then find new and interesting ways to incorporate microtransactions. You know, the thing put in place, supposedly, to keep game prices from increasing.

AngelicIceDiamond38d ago

I was about to say we've been paying WAY more than 70$ for awhile now. Cutting content and using it as DLC despite it originally being part of the 60$ experience. The 60$ only gives us the base game while everything else is purposely behind a pay wall or making the grind so tough it forces you to pay.

Developmental costs are apparently going up. I mean if that was the case then how come we're not getting The Last Of Us 2, Cyber Punk, Red Dead 2 or Gears 5 type of AAA games on the regular?

Rude-ro38d ago

Profits are and have been going up...
All about those margins.

The price gouging is what will kill gaming.
Cod mw literally uses the original game engine still and all we have gotten improved with it is is audio and texture art.

The major third party developers are milking for easy profits.

So no.. the cost is not going up, the effort is going down for better profits.

nirwanda38d ago

@rude-ro have you played cod recently the latest has some of the best graphics this gen I was pretty shocked honestly as I thought the same thing as you and wrote it off.

CyberCowboy 38d ago

For real and they are making more on DLC and micro transactions then they are on the game sales themselves. Billions in profits and this increase won’t pay developers more. So this is all for the CEO fat cats to get fatter. I don’t support it.

Gazabyte38d ago

Exactly, if a $70 pricetag meant no microtransactions, and the developers would support games more than ever, everyone would be on board. However, we know this won't be the case.

morganfell38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

It will be the case. It will give you everything. For about the first year. Then the honeymoon is over as one company will be the first to say “We want to give you the ultimate experience and we didn’t have time to include it in the base game.” They will give free first. You’ll feel good. Hey, $70 is worth it. Then after that comes a title and the first paid DLCs are cosmetics. Hey it’s only cosmetic. It doesn’t affect the game. Then comes the fisting. No holds barred at that point.

With all of that said it’s unstoppable and if you want next gen gaming you will have to pay next gen prices. All of this talk about $70 killing gaming is the dumbest load of malarkey currently in print. People will pay. There may be a handful of grumblers but the gamers will fork it over in the end so all of this caterwauling is useless. It only benefits trash journalism that wants you to rage click.

And to anyone thinking of going over to go ahead. It will achieve nothing. Maybe you should spend time with all the current $59 games you never played or never finished.

Minute Man 72138d ago (Edited 38d ago )

@ morgan

"It will be the case. It will give you everything. For about the first year."

😂😂😂 😒

Knightofelemia38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I would love to have $70 games haven't seen that since PS3 new games in Canada are $80 new

bloop38d ago

The yanks don't know how good they have it. Games start at €70 here in Ireland which is ~$80. Even on hardware too, if the new consoles are $500 they'll just charge €500 here, which will work out ~$580.

TFJWM38d ago

When they charge those prices doesn't that include the tax(vat)?

Knightofelemia38d ago


Yes some Provinces do charge a tax there is a federal sales tax then there is a provincial sales tax so that $80 game can almost be $90 brand new

bloop38d ago

@Enigma, please don't tell me the term "yank" is offensive now?? 🤦🏼‍♂️

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Gazabyte38d ago

The exchange rates are a little bit different between Canada and the US, but I get what you're saying. Games are slowly creeping up in price across the globe and this will only lead to fewer sales for these companies.

CrimsonWing6938d ago

I’ll definitely be waiting for more sales

Gazabyte38d ago

I know what you mean, people just won't pay $70 up front and will wait for heavier discounts.

Gardenia38d ago

That is what will happen. I would only buy a few AAA games that I really want. All the other game I would wait for a price drop. Gaming already is a very expensive hobby.

badz14937d ago

I've been doing that this whole gen. only buy PS exclusives I really want day1 and other games only on sale. plus, (pun not intended) I'm already paying for PS+, I just play those games instead while waiting for the sales. but most of the time, I just go with the Steam version as they usually go cheaper faster there.

Apex1338d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Oh paaaa lease. Every generation games go up ak we have the sale combo but all remains well. Consumers always want the tech but fail to adopt the cost knowing this isn’t cheap to produce. Either way, people will buy.

garos8238d ago

first of all, every gen games dont go up. The new tech actually makes game development easier and shortens game dev time. Add the increase digital sales which is even more profit for them, i fail to see how hiking the prices during economic turmoil is justified.
I buy loads of games brand new day 1, that will change next gen for me

Apex1338d ago

Ok, run me through gens where games didn’t go up! And the clock startsssssss Now

Apex1338d ago

Firstly, yes they do and not knowing your age I started in the NES era where tbf games were stupidly expensive. Fast forward to disc based consoles you will note if you have done any research from ps1 to PS4, game prices have increased. Where your point fails even more so is that with the new tech means developers have a bigger pallet so let’s take errrrrr rayttacing the new rage. Do you even know how much that costs per object let along character or scenery? Then multiply it as it animates? Also, you mentioned digital games, games that cost the same if not more than physical games. WhT are you on about?

garos8237d ago

@apex13 we heading into 9th gen of consoles there have been more than 2 gens where prices remained the same. Ive bought brand new games at ps1 era for 50 euros. Games today are 60 euros so your increased prices every gen is a nonsensical point. Tech has become more efficient and making games has become easier than ever before. If what Epic games say is true, then game dev time will be SIGNIFICANTLY reduced therefore cutting costs further. The point about digital games completely went over your head. You seem to not understand how supply chain works and how digital sales means more profit to developers and publishers due to lack of printing discs/shipping and a whole bunch of other reasons. Check out this article brings up good points as to why they shouldnt hike the prices
If you like to get ripped off, be my guest. I know my new game purchases will definitely be reduced and ill be looking more into the used game market here on out

Retroman38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

70.00?? Not me....140.00 for 2 games. I'll wait for a sale 65.00 for 2

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