Amazon Slashes Up To 50% Off On Newly Released Games & Pre-Orders

Daily Video Game writes: "Right now, there are several new games on sale with discounts of up to 50% off for multiple gaming platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch at Amazon! If you are looking to pre-order new games or pick up games that were just out recently, you could save up to 50% off of them at Amazon now."

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ccgr1422d ago

Maneater on sale already? Not bad!

kayoss1421d ago

Don’t do it. Wait a little longer for it to be cheaper. This game is fun at first but my god it’s so damn repetitive. I wished we could have explore and fought more epic boss, like the Kraken, giant squids, Loch Ness, etc...

Dragonopolis1421d ago

Lol.... more like in the 30% off category. Barely any at 50% off

kayoss1421d ago

When they say, “up to 50% off”. Expect only one game is 50% off. The rest probably 15%-35% off.


THQ Nordic says Biomutant on Switch has sold more copies than they expected

Biomutant received a surprise release by THQ Nordic on the Nintendo Switch and while it has various compromises to run on Nintendo’s now aging Switch hardware, it is still good fun.

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Philaroni5d ago

Good for them, I miss games like this is, was rough at some points but by now I feel it must have got better. Maybe I'm just a sucker for fuzzy things like Ratchet and Clank, and the old Conker and Jak/Dax games. Don't know, just reminds me of those times.


Biomutant – Three Years Later

After launching three years ago in a relatively disappointing state, how does Experiment 101's open-world action title hold up?

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sweatyrich10d ago

I played it on the PS5 in 40fps mode and it was pretty decent. Looked great, gameplay was a little but clunky at time, and fairly repetitive, but there's a large map to explore, LOADS of things to do, and you're a gun-toting, kung-fu'ing racoon !!
Accept the game for what it is, and you'll have a good time like I did.

Can't speak for how it was at launch, but the game I played was a 7.5/10

anast10d ago

I would like to see this game get a sequel with all the lessons learnt from the rocky launch and with newer tech.

Demetrius10d ago

I finished this not too long ago, definitely one of my most favorites I was really in tune with it, I didn't silence the narrator cause it always felt like I was being told a story, lol just like real life I enjoy old people telling me stories every since I was a kid I've always enjoyed that, biomutant 2 would be so mf nice to happen, definitely going for a 2nd playthrough on ps5 this time around


Biomutant Switch Review - An All Right Port | COGconnected

Biomutant comes to the Nintendo Switch. A decent port, but nothing groundbreaking.

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spicelicka15d ago

At least it's not an Alt right port!

Haha right??....or Alt right?