Watch Dogs Legion Receives Mysterious New Update After Ending Support Two Years Ago

Over two years later, Watch Dogs Legion has gotten a surprise update on the day of The Game Awards.

northpaws188d ago

New ads? I kid I kid.

I do appreciate Ubisoft's keep making single player games, but hope they can learn from some of the best open world games in the industry and evolve, I don't really like their recent games, but I don't want them to go away either.

Profchaos187d ago

I hope they learn from wd legion don't build a fanbase then use that fanbase as guinea pigs to test out a new idea on a sequel.

Who am I kidding it's ubi the whole franchise has probably been put on ice because of this failed experiment

Hypnofear187d ago

Which is a shame because Watch Dogs 2 was actually really good!

Ironmike187d ago

If they just left with the Kames bond like char ter in the beginning I'd loved it


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PlayStation Plus Game Catalog lineup for May

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Humanity, Watch Dogs: Legion, Dishonored 2, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, and more.

Today we’re happy to reveal the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for May 2023. All games will be available on Tuesday May 16. Let’s dive in.

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closed_account400d ago

Holy crap, R&C Rift Apart is a huge score for those who haven't played it! It was so good.

just_looken400d ago

i agree though I don't have a ps5 but i will activate this when the prices get out of apple range.

outsider1624400d ago

Well lets hope its soon, because you never know when the game will leave psplus.

DivineHand125399d ago

I don't think it is fair to compare the PS5 to apple prices since an iphone hasn't been at $499 since the original iphone launched.

One thing I can say at your benefit though is that in gaming then longer you wait to buy, the better the deal, though if you wait too long your backlog will get out of control.

LordoftheCritics399d ago

Rift Apart is the best chill game I've played this gen.

System seller on PS Plus is a huge win.

roadkillers399d ago

I think you can redeem over your phone, no? When you get a PS5 you will have games.

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MasterChief3624400d ago

A huge score for those of us that didn't just buy it literally one day ago and it's on the way now :'(
But I guess it's good to own it, as well! And I don't think I want to get PlayStation Plus right now, so it's not a huge loss. But it is still a little saddening.

I got my PS5 today, actually! Been wanting to play Rift Apart for so long. And I played Astro's Playroom at a friend's house, and that was when I was like, "I NEED THIS." Such a fun little game with so many wonderful references to Playstation stuff!


potatoseal400d ago

You could just re-sell your copy that is coming in the mail. But it's up to you. Rift Apart is so damn good. It blew my mind how good it looks and plays.

Dirty_Lemons399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

I hope you love it, dude. Nothing beats a shiny new console, and the PS5 is 👌 May I recommend Returnal, challenging but not Soulsborne-level challenging, and extremely good making use of those new haptics you're going to be playing around with.

Tapani399d ago

Hey I'm a relatively new PS5 owner here, but how does this new PS Plus system work? So if I go in at the Premium level for a month, it would mean I can play Horizon 2 and Ratchet & Clank just like that, right?

closed_account399d ago

Yea, you don't even need to sub Premium if those are the 2 games you're after, they're included on PS Plus Extra.

Premium just adds the legacy library of PS1, PS2, PS3 titles that are on the service.

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potatoseal400d ago

Played and platinumed Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart at launch. Loved it so much. 9/10

Am I going to download and play Bus Simulator 21? You bet :-D

potatoseal400d ago

Was just thinking I wish Bus Simulator was PSVR 2 compatible. Imagine looking over your shoulder at the passengers you pick up? Haha

*turns head around while driving*

"Shut the Fk up back there!!!! You want me to crash the bus?!?!?!?!!"

Davros69400d ago

haha, you sound like an Aussie

MrNinosan400d ago

Have to download it as well. Is it compatible with wheel?

potatoseal400d ago

Yeah apparently it's compatible with a fair few wheels. Game has been out a while.

just_looken400d ago

Yeah the vr experience on playstation continues to be crap compared to pc sadly.

Bus sim 21 vr on pc

And do do that well its on pc duh crap $700 console should do vr on alot more than select titles

potatoseal400d ago

PS VR2 is actually really awesome man. I have one. It's only new, so maybe I will wait for Bus Simulator 21 to get a VR update then. Judging by that video, the game looks fun in VR

just_looken400d ago

I doubt it will look at psvr 1

Dandalandan117399d ago

Will definitely download Bus Simulator as well.
My son will surely have a blast with it.

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italiangamer400d ago

I think this news has reunited two long lost brothers, OtterX and potatoseal 🤣.

potatoseal400d ago

LOL my long lost brother (╥_╥)